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MADD Secret! Shhhhhh!

Shred Gruumer

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Originally posted by Shred Gruumer

Ja, look I found zie secret of Madd why it ride so good,, Ja I tell you dis now!

Hey that's the thing we needed for our little hardbooter techie project. Actually it looks too big for what we wanted...

So... a newsletter was suppose to have been sent out two weeks ago, and the boards should be made last week (starting to be made). We never got the results of the topsheet contest either. You guys are really straining to give us some teasers in the meantime (thanks for the effort :) )

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Yeah, triple the price of the board and I'm sure they'd be happy to upgrade their product with that technology;)

E-mailed the Madd folks yesterday asking about the top sheet verdict (hopefully taking the most recent input into consideration). Anybody have info on that? Inquiring minds...

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