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Powderking? Anyone ridden?


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I am considering moving to the sticks next year with the nearest hill being Powderking in northern BC (british columbia).

got the basics from the website

Whats it like for a hardbooter?

How much of a shock would it be as I have gotten used to

whistler , averaging about 100 -110 days on hill (whistler)past six seasons

Thanks in advance


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Guest AlpentalRider

Don't know much about powderking, but I do go up to whistler a handfull of times every year, and I think no matter where you go it's gonna be a shock.

Just face it, you were spoiled lol.

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Hi Dave*

Brace yourself!! Powder King and Whistler are literally opposite ends of the boarding universe.

Powder King is a very underdeveloped hill, largely because of its isolated location. Most weekends you see maybe 200 people on the entire mountain, I think it may even be closed mid week.

The snow is unreal, second to none. The facilities (lodging) and management are well .... NOT very good, only the hard core show up week after week.

Grooming is marginal with the mass amounts of snow, limited riders and weak management. Don’t get me wrong, PK is a LOT of fun.

Moving or not moving to the sticks would depend on the ‘big picture.’ Did you land a good job in the sticks? Are you looking for affordable housing? Are you looking for a great place to raise kids ..... you get the idea. If not, stay in Whistler. All the young single riders from here want to go down there.

Hope this helps.


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