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2005 US Snowboard Team

Guest Ghostrider

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Guest Ghostrider

They just posted the 2005 US team roster...notice the all new sbx additions. Looks like a few alpiners converted.


A Team

Tommy Czeschin (24; Mammoth Lakes, CA; halfpipe)

Steve Fisher (21; St. Louis Park, MN; halfpipe)

Nate Holland (25; Olympic Valley, CA; snowboardcross)

Chris Klug (30; Aspen, CO; alpine)

Adam Smith (24; Tangent, OR; alpine)

Seth Wescott (27; Farmington, ME; snowboardcross)

Luke Wynen (27; Mammoth Lakes, CA; halfpipe)

B Team

Jason Hale (18; Sierraville, CA; snowboardcross)

Ben Jacobellis (24; Bondville, VT; snowboardcross)

Ryan McDonald (24; Entiat, WA; alpine)

Mark Schulz (30; Portland, OR; snowboardcross)

Matt Shrive (25; Reno, NV; snowboardcross)

Jason Smith (22; Basalt, CO; snowboardcross)

Abe Teter (25; Belmont, VT; halfpipe)

Elijah Teter (20; Belmont, VT; halfpipe)

Eric Warren (22; Bennington, VT; Alpine)

C Team

Alex Deibold (17; Manchester Center, VT; snowboardcross)

Jeff Greenwood (28; Boulder, CO; snowboardcross)

Tyler Jewell (27; Sudbury, MA; alpine)

Zac Kay (22; Mount Shasta, CA; alpine)

Luke Mitrani (13; Stratton, VT; halfpipe)

Chris Nelson (25; Mammoth Lakes, CA; halfpipe)

Justin Reiter (23; Silverthorne, CO; alpine)

Pete Thorndike (27; Meredith, NH; alpine)


A Team

Tricia Byrnes (29; Stratton, VT; halfpipe)

Michelle Gorgone (20; Sudbury, MA; alpine)

Lindsey Jacobellis (18; Bondville, VT; halfpipe, snowboardcross)

Lisa Kosglow (30; Boulder, CO; alpine)

Hannah Teter (17; Belmont, VT; halfpipe)

B Team

Joanie Anderson (17; Lake Tahoe, CA; snowboardcross)

Clair Bidez (16; Minturn, CO; halfpipe)

Rosey Fletcher (28; Girdwood, AK; alpine)

Elena Hight (14; Zephyr Cove, NV; halfpipe)

Stacia Hookom (28; Edwards, CO; alpine)

C Team

Erica Mueller (22; Okemo, VT; alpine)

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Guest Randy S.

I'm psyched. I'll be riding with two of those folks in a month in Chile. Tyler Jewell and Lisa Kosglow, along with Anton Pogue, are running a carving camp for a week at the end of August. I'm so psyched to pack my snowboard gear and head to the airport with it in the middle of August. I think there are 8 campers and 3 coaches - now that's a great ratio.

Anyone else here on Bomber going?

If you guys haven't seen Lindsey Jacobellis run BX, its worth going to a race to watch. She's got a great smile and she kicks ass on the slopes. I watched her win the BX at Bachelor last year. She passed this French girl in the air on a jump right at the bottom of the course. Everyone else speed-checked coming into the jump (if you didn't, you were going to land all the way at the bottom of the transition). Lindsey knew that the only way to get past the French girl was to bomb the jump. She went huge and landed it for the win. If I remember correctly, she won every BX she entered last season (like 4 in a row). The World Cup BX courses are huge and fun to watch.

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