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Need to Borrow Motorcycle Leathers


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Knowing that a lot of you are into motorcycles - I have a huge favor to ask.

I am racing in a downhill skateboarder event and need to borrow a set of motorcycle leathers. They don't need to be in great shape, just enough to protect my body.

If anyone has either a one or two piece suit that will fit someone 185 lbs, 5'9" and a 34 - 36 waist - I would like to hear about it.

Please contact me directly at hsl@pathcomDOTcom.

Anything and everything would be appreciated.



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Guest Randy S.


I have a set that would fit you, but you can't borrow them (I need them).

Check for a local discussion group for motorcycling. Look in the Track Days section if they have one. You may find someone willing to loan you their leathers, or you may find a place that rents leathers. Track day organizers often refer people to places that will rent leathers. Also look for the schedules of local tracks and then see if the organizers know of places that will rent.

Have fun. Oh, and don't forget that m-cycle leathers don't protect your ankles. The expectation is that you'll wear m-cycle boots. If you're going to wear sneakers, do something for your ankles.

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