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Eye candy from Evil Sports

Bobby Buggs

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Guest Ghostrider

I still can't exactly tell what it is that Evil Sports does...but keep it up, it seems like you have a high quality organization there. :D

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Guest Ghostrider

Hey..whatta ya know...they are wearing hooters shirts...

Here is a fun little quiz...how many of you actually looked at the shirt....you are NOT allowed to scroll back up to the picture!!!!!

The hooters girls in the picture are from:

a) Claremont, NH

b) Cartersville, AL

c) Concord, NC

d) Canton, GA

e) Cape Cod, MA

Yea...I got it wrong and I wrote the quiz...

..actually this was a lame attempt for me to become a senior member...:D

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if any of you have any daughters or sisters of the ages of 18 to 25 that can carve I will trade Madd 170 for her thats a mighty fine dowry better than the average three goats and a cow

are arranged marriages legal in this country if not I will just get her real drunk in vegas

seller pays shipping and all sales are final

Aisling you single?

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Guest Ghostrider


my my my...this thread has become the 18 & up singles room...

I'll see if I can get my mission statement, personal resume, and 2 letters of reccomendation together for you...

How would you like me to give it to you?


What is your preferred method of delivery?

haha..o dear.

:rolleyes: :D

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Guest Jagger
Originally posted by Mellow Yellow

They are a bit slow......

the difference between the people in the City (Charlotte) and the areas surrounding it can be very extreme

Beats Pittsburgh though.......

Hey watch it!
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