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"Intelligent" molecules for impact protection?


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Haven't heard of it, but I don't understand how a thin fabric can absorb the shock of impact. They say that upon impact the molecules "lock together to form a protective barrier" which sounds good for preventing skin abrasion, but to absorb impact don't you need something bulky that deforms?

P.S. Is that you in the avatar? Great pic.

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actually, a thin whatever can be used for impact protection. WHat it sounds like the fabric does is momentarily become solid to distribute the effects of the impact over a wider area, thus dispersing the blow...kinda like the difference between getting hit in the head with a hammer and getting hit in the hard hat with a hammer, but its a "soft" hardhat that becomes hard when its hit? I dunno, but that kinda sounds like what it does...maybe...



Lincoln Town Car

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Guest Ghostrider

I have never heard of this...odd for something that has been winning awards for a few years, but I cant wait for it to hit production. My question is...what happens if I try to move really fast? Will it lock up? It reminds me of oobleck...or mixing corn starch and water for those of you who are not savvy in Dr. Seuss language.

What happens if you have your cell phone on vibrate in your pocket??? You would theoretically be stuck in your jacket if it kept ringing...

watch this video to see a posibility...


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Thanks, Baka, for the kind words. <p></p>

Avatar image from Sept. '03 New Zealand powder session. <p></p>I was lensman, not subject. Did get first tracks, though...<p></p>

Another image from same session:<br>

<img src="http://www.keyssonline.com/ncprojects/Tubed-in-New-Zealand.jpg" alt="Tubed in New Zealand" border="0">

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