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Maddmike Boards On Ebay


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Originally posted by eastcoasticerider

theres a couple of Madd Boards on Ebay this week a coupl e 158,s and a 170........:confused:

I think they just setup a "preorder" ebay store to help them sell more boards.

The 158 demo is on auction ($350 guys) but it probably got the heck ridden out of it... of course if the Madd spiel is true, than this board will supposedly be pretty much as good as new.

Here's the link

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reading the specs on ebay:

Since the 5000 electra does not exist with IMS which currently makes the 4000 electra as its top end base, wondering what really was the previous base....

As for the new one which is supposely 50% graphite! I'm also curious about the specs, since the 4000 electra from IMS has only 12-15% graphite, and is already a hassle to repair...

Anyone got precisions on that ( since no one answered my previous questions on same topic!)..

Is it such a big secret, or no one really knows?



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Originally posted by OCD

At $750 you have to be mad!

Depends on if you think the board is really worth it or not... at $750, it's probably too expensive for any casual boarder, but so are the custom Prior and Donek boards (I mean making your own template) at $800+. Coiler is an exception, but I think everyone agrees it's a bit of a anomaly.

Consider Pogo Snowboards which start at $800 euros, which would be high even without the exchange rate (roughly $960USD) - and that's for the cheaper models, but if you are an expert rider, you would probably would enjoy top-end gear if you can afford it.

But yea, I agree $750 is a bit steep...

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