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G'Day All,

As it is getting near winter here in OZ the yearly Canberra ski swap meet was on a week ago and I picked up the following boards for my wife and I. Both boards are brand new and in plastic.

150cm Nidecker Laser - AUS$50

157cm Nidecker Custom SL - AUS$250

I have managed to find some info on the Custom SL - the 2004 model on the Nidecker website seems to be a 158cm but the info agrees with the cardboard "sticker" on the board.

I haven't been able to find anything on the Laser.

It's sky blue, has a slightly upturned square tail, three pairs of inserts (instead of the normal 4 pairs) and is reasonably stiff. From the look of it I'm thinking it's more of a BX board than a directional freeride.

Does anyone have any info/hints & tips/experiences on this board or on the Custom SL?



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Ridden/raced the Tornado SL 161 and the 163 (pre cursor to the Custom) as well as a number of Nidecker Custom GS (170, 173, 183) boards. A very fun ride - light and snappy. Multi-snow conditions friendly (for a race board anyway). Nidecker, like a few other manufacturers, have a stance setback (current models are 2.5 cm) and have 4-6 mm of taper which make them release very nicely! High quality construction - their graphics need some help though. Seen the '05 catalog and they've improved that some - The '05s are taking on more of the older Tornado outline - sweet!

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