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Anyone ride today? Friday


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Randy K. and I were there.... nothing but sun, similar conditions as to last Friday! Zig Zag glacier wasn't as good though - it softened from the bottom up, and was crusty on top, so if you dug in you would stop suddenly. However East Palmer was nice - traverse to skiers left at top of chair. And the mid-station was open, so you could do laps on just that part.

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The Colorado backcountry is still going strong, with great spring riding.

Mt Elbert, highest in the Rockies, yesterday. You can still ride right off the highest point in all of the Rockies. The upper cirque is a convex slope and is some of the best riding out of Leadville, Colorado.


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Thanks for those cool pictures of Colorado. Its good to here that some of the Rockys have lots of coverage.

Anyone from Utah have a report?

I lucked out today at Timberline. Although only the magic mile lift was operating... but there was 6 to 8 inches of heavy snow.

Quite the gift for May. visablity was marginal as well.

I'll be up there again on Fri. if my boss is not a jerk. ha ha

And probably squeeze in a Fri., Sat. or Sun. through June.

Bachelor's last day is 5/31, with 60 inches... hope to be there.

Thanks all you guys for the updates

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