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OT: Xbox Live, MotoGP

Tommy D

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Got one--MotoGP2 with name of xa0s. Im rarely online but I do play it often, and enjoy it. Jsut complete the entire season and maxed out my credits. So now am switching to Real Lap sessoin plus getting adjusted to manual. I like manual since I can use it to brake myself before the turn. Favorite track would be either Phillips Island or Donnington. :)

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Looks like they have a version for PC, and Xbox. :) Be careful though: If you get hooked, and end up playing until the wee hours of the morning, don't blame me. HAHA.

Leew: I've tried manual, but haven't given myself enough time to get used to it. (It seems like the bike downshifts on its own anyway if I hit the grass or lean over too far? hmmm)

I like many of the tracks now (Even Assen), but I'm partial to Suzuka, Motegi, LeMans, Catalunya, and Sepang.

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Playing with the keyboard ... I think you might have a more difficult time using the keyboard, rather than a controller. I only ever had success using the keyboard/mouse with 1st person shooters, and flight/space fighter sims.

Super cool footage! :)

Bob: Yeah! :D :p

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TommyD: Check yoru setting and make adjustement according when you switch to Manual. I think there's a place where it'll automatic set you up. I may have this confused with my PC WorldSBK 2001 game.

PC... I wish it would work well with Xbox's Live MotoGP2.

Keyboards--I seldomly use 'em because I like to use controller's analog feature where my turn can be more accurate instead of jerky. :D

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