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I'm currently using a pair of 123s. They're doing the job at the moment, but they are fairly flexy. When I first got them, I was quite a beginner at carving so they did the job.

However as I got better, I realized the limits of the boot. I highly suggest you upgrade them to 4 straps (easy and worthwhile), a booster strap, race tongues to stiffen em a bit and perhaps a thermoflex liner.

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If ridden with 123's for years. The boot is an ok boot, I just upgraded to 700's last season. They are a softer boot, so if you're an aggressive rider the boot will flex to much and you'll get more heel lift. You can improve the 123's with Thermo liners and a stiffer tounge.

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I like my 123s, especially with a few modifications.

-5 position forward lean upgrade

-epoxied cuff cant adjusters

-4th buckle

-Stiffer tongues

I've also got a set of Thermoflex liners, but haven't gotten around to molding them. The standard liners fit me well, and in CA is never gets cold enough that the added insulation of Thermos is necessary.

I'm using TD2 Stepins which stiffen up the lateral boot/binding interface, and I like the soft lateral flex that the 123s have. The addition of the 4th strap and stiff tongues give me plenty of foward stiffness for my taste. I'm not all that aggressive in my riding, so the 123s fit my style well.

The above mods are pretty easy to make, the cuff cant fix is the hardest. The others are very simple with normal hand tools, the cant fix requires a drill and possibly a dremel.


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sorry, im not that familiar with the alpine boots, ive only used cheap ski boots that belong to my friends, but how would you add the 4th strap. is there already a place for the screws? or would you have to make those yourself? or maybe i just read your posts the wrong way.


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Here's a pic to clarify.

As you can see, the boots on the left are three buckle boots, but don't have much room for another strap. These are my wife's boots, sz 25.

In the center are 123s (sz 28) with no mods. On the right are my 123s with the mods described above. As you can see, if you remove the velcro top strap on the center boot, you can easily fit a 4th strap into the existing holes in the boots.

All that is required is to order two straps and buckles from the BomberOnline.com store, drill out the rivets that hold the velcro strap in place, and screw the straps and buckles in place. I even believe that all the screws and tnuts are included with the buckles/straps from Bomber.

Get the parts here: BOOT PARTS


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