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hey guys checked back on some old threads and was wondering if the video was done (for sale etc.?) i know i didn't make the cut but i need to show it to a couple of people cuz they didn't believe me how much i was raving about it. :) thanks - chris

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Mmmmm... massive attack.

Back in the day you could just find a hobbiest group on mp3.com and have a pretty good chance of negociating a royalty free use or one time payment by email. You can still surf artist information for them via archive.org's old copies of the site and find someone, but I'm afraid I don't know anything new that's come up with as many good artists.

Depending on how much revenue you have to work with you may actually be better off liscensing a real tune by a b string band than overpaying for a poor royalty free tune.

There are a few good short tracks on www.open-songs.com in a few genres I found the other day for something I'm working on. I suspect that if someone had the time to do a lot of google hunting, they could put together an "ok" selection of free tracks. Nothing like the quality of liscensing a massive attack tune though :(

If you were willing to release the ECES dvd under the creative commons liscense, you could use tracks off magnatune.com and a few other sites for free legally. That doesn't preclude selling DVD's by the way, if you read into the liscense specifics. But it would be a bit of a pain.

BMI liscenses everything under the planet for public performance, but AFAIK, you have to go to each label individually to negociate a liscense for a DVD. The only band I know of that's especially receptive to licensing for very small projects is Fear Factory. Their song ressurection is one of my favorites.

Good luck :rolleyes:

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Guest Pre School Rider

Yeah,no offense,D-Sub,but Kevin Burke(ECES vid from 02) used stuff that was like rejected Kraftwerk B-sides,and,um,it lacked a lot.:( So,IMHO,electronic music is not what would be wanted.This has no bearing on your talent,btw,as I've never heard what you have to offer...Of course,the music that should be on a carving tape is very likely to have liscensing issues; Hence K.B.'s choice previously,however monotinous it was. :o I hope it comes together,whatever tunes you edit in. Maybe look for small-label stuff where lawyers are less likely to object the usage issues?

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