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Who is Skeez Rule ?

Guest jeffnstefanie

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Guest jeffnstefanie

Any one got a guess as to the real identity of Mr. Rules ?

Has any one seen Shred Gruumer and Skeez Rule in the same chat room together ?

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Guest Marilyn Cambers

Ha ha ~~ pretty sure Shred Gruumer has more respect for the sport than to put it down like that!! He is the "ultimate hype" for snowboarding!!!!!!!!! :cool: Shred??????

Marilyn ;)

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Anytime, someone like this shows up, it very well could be our beloved Chris Fox or CF. I haven't seen or heard from him in a while, but he used to rock the Bomber boat the hardest. Drinking and smoking the reefer and setting people off is what he did best.

I kinda miss his rants


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  • 3 years later...

Wavechaser stated some initials. I think it was JD.

dunno...it was kinda funny at first but it's annoying now. Not really all that clever.

There's a double entendre here, too. The word "skeez" means something in urban culture...slut, whore...etc...

pondering rule by skeez cracks me up.

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