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Worthwhile experiment?


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Ladies and Gentlemen--advice needed!

I'm looking to tame a stiff freeride board, and was wondering if hardboots might help? The board is quite burly (although only a 155cm) and carves beautifully. At the same time, its a pig edge to edge with a soft boot set-up, and gets bounced around like a springboard in crud. Here's the link to the board's specs: http://www.unitysnowboards.com/site/boards/board/dominion/

Would a softer, hard boot set up offer me more control? Also, could someone chime in on the different experience I might have with snowboard-specific hardboots versus AT boot? I have a line on some old Raichle 223's, as well as some Lowa Struktura AT's~both are intriguing and cheap enough for me to experiment with~but I can only get one at a time.

BTW- I'm 5'5" and clocking in at about 147lbs. I used to ride some alpine in the late 1980/s/early 90's, and am getting drawn back to the idea now that I actually live near mountains.

Thanks! Its getting cooler out there! :o

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I hate hard boots on boards that wide myself.

I'd suggest a stiffer softboot and binding. burton driver is my favorite softy. also, the burton ion is real nice, it's slightly softer but is just perfect for me most of the time.

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I'm about your size and ride a 156 Donel Incline with 224's. It rides great with the 224's but I've cut and modded the boot til it's almost, if not softer fore and aft than my Malamutes but still WAY stiffer side to side that I can still consider them hardboots. I'd say there's probably a right combination of any board (to a reasonable degree of course) to HB's it just depends on what HB's and how you mod them to your riding style and how you mount them to your board but that's just my opinion.

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For what it's worth, I've been riding freeride boards with plates and hardboots for quite a while, it's nice to be able to go from deep snow to groomers on the same set up. It takes a little getting used to not shoveling the edges in the deeper stuff, but it's definetely quicker edge to edge. As far as width, the Salomon I ride is 25.5 and the F2 is 26. Just take tools with you and don't be afraid to adjust the stance until it feels right.

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