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help with the transition to an AXIS 172

Guest gabrielo

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Guest gabrielo

I am a Level I instructor. I got my bug for carving on an Eldorado 164. Now I bought a Donek AXIS 172, with Catek Olympic bindings and the LeMans boots. I am 67 years old, 5' 10" and weigh 170lbs. I wan't to make the scary transition intelligently and without injury.

I would welcome guidance from any one of you out there .

I have thought of some options:

a. mount my catek freeride bindings on the AXIS and test the monster in soft boots.

b. mount the Catek olympic on my Eldorado 164 and thereby get a feel for the hard boots.

c. Leave lilt and cant adjustments until later.



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and read "How to set up plate bindings" and the one on "separate zee knees". The Axis is no beast but it is a step up from the Eldo. Put your plates on the Axis and go for it, I don't think you'll be disappointed at all. Tip, if the boots have a walk mode, use it at first, it'll soften up the feel a bit for starters. I use walk mode on rough days myself. You may want to duplicate your setup on the Eldo (as close as reasonable) at first to help w/ the transition, and a little boot overhang AT FIRST is not a bad thing.

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maybe a little heel lift but first see if you can deal with it flat

if you access to someone who can ride plates well go out with them but beware or those who ride plates every so often and think they got it down I know a girl that swears that a soft setup will carve better than a race setup given what her race gear was (a old ass asym that was like 147 or something with some of the old burton megaflex boots) I see why she may have thought this

and of course she was level II so you can not fight with the knowledge of PSIA

bow down all hail the snowboard goddess

hmm I sound a little bitter

anyway you will love the axis once you get the hang of it its a great board to start out on and its a great board down the road when you learn to rip on it as well

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Originally posted by gabrielo

Much appreciate your guidance.

Any thoughts about strategy with the Axis 172 in deep powder, like we ride at Powder Mountaqin in Utah?


I've got the same board and have used in in deep powder. (Yes, we get nice deep light Utah-like powder like once a season at Hood...)

I found that reducing the amount of forward lean on the fonrt boot and using walk mode on the back boot helps in general when riding hard boots in powder. This forces me to stand up taller which makes it easier to be light on my feet. The walk mode in back, makes it easy to soak up terrain changes i.e. dense spots, jump landings, and transition to/from groomed.

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Originally posted by Jack Michaud

I would go for option b first, then I would put the hardboots on the Axis.

Also, start with your binding angles the same as you currently ride in softboots. After a couple runs, start bumping the rear up in 3-degree increments until you're within 0-10 degrees of the front boot (whatever feels comfy - different for everyone). Then bump front and rear together in 3-degree increments until you get the front over 45-50 or so...then switch to the Axis...


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