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Jamie / Oxygen SX / BX board

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If I remember rightly, you also bought an Oxygen BX board on Ebay. Well I used mine for the first time last weekend in Mammoth CA and it was wicked. I would switch out from my Proton SL when it got slushy and man you could carve the tightest semicircles possible. It was ok on spring hard pack in the morning but came to life in the slush. I also hit up some park action and it was awesome, much more fun than on the SL board, I have one ok photo but I don't know how to attach it.

Anyway I know you said you probably wont be able to ride it till next season so as the test subject I can assure it was a good buy!

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Its a good board, I rode mine the last few days here in PA.

I put some nice stiff carbon fiber bindings on it. Didnt hit the park but got some nice runs.. Some a$$s were trying to hit me with snowballs from the lift, I was moving way to fast for them.

Took a little getting used to, but once I got it., I moved ... my cousin could not keep up with me (he was on skiis)

I am a little concerned about the quality of oxygen boards though.

It seems a littlle on the lower end of quality side.

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Well the top sheet seems to be a little on the soft side.

Plus ive read that oxygen has had some problmes. (cracking, delam, etc)

Most of the boards I see are going for around 100-125$ on ebay.

They have a retail price of 450$ ?

Only inexpensive (1st snowboards) go that low. (silence, kemper, lamar) etc

Its a concern, not that ive experienced anything yet

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I didnt have the chase... The season was over when I got it. Im not in the mood to drive 8hours to Vermont to ride on corn in a giant slurpee.

I just got some bindings for the goodwill the other day.Today was a nice sunny day here so I was waxing all my boards in the sun... (summer storage).. what a nice day, waxing snowboards barefoot.

In all reality I cant wait to ride the goodwill. That is a really nice board. Im thinking of heliboarding next year, the goodwill would be my ride for the day.

What were your experience with it when you rode it?

As far as the Oxygen Board is concerned.. I dont know..

The quality just seems a little off.. but what do I know, Ive only had 5 boards in my life..

ahhh... only 240 days till next season..

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What '1st' (I’ve heard them called seconds) type issues have you seen or has anyone had a board that didn't quite pass QC. I bought an Oxygen Proton new from a reputable online store and found out at the end of this season that it has a concave base. I know that it's an epoxy thing, changing over time but I got a good deal on the board and now I'm beginning to wander. The whole Atomic / Oxygen change may have left some boards out gathering dust for some reason, perhaps thats why there have been some good deals.....They do use ski technology and have a solid background?

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mabey it wasnt ground all that well..

I dont know, my oxy board had a cute quality control sticker but..thats worth about ...

Now I only rode the thing for about a day of riding. In the end of season crap and ice here. It did very very well well..

My cousin nicked it a little in the lift line and it scratched easily.

do a search of www.boardreviews.com

Now I like the board, im just a little concerned about the durability. If I like the style Ill buy a really nice board at the end of NEXT season..

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I'm a fan so far.

I don't think I'll be able to flatten my base without destroying the board so I'll have to just live with it. At least it's not convex. The board rides really well, very grippy which goes with having a rail high board. How to tune that is the question...anyway enough said!

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Can't speak for the BX boards, but I have been really impressed with the overall quality and performance of the Protons. For a cap construction board ('01 "Titanium Cap"), the edge hold is amazing - very stable. Stiffer toward the nose than Burtons or Nideckers that I've owned. No offset - more forward, aggressive riding required (at least that's what I've noticed). The base on mine was actually very flat/true (more so than many other boards owned). Haven't noticed anything different about the top sheet durability compared to other boards. Just my experience. The BX sounds like a nice overall performer!


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Well i don't agree with the quality issue on the oxygens...

I own a 172 Proton from 2001-2002 season: got hit by a skier going downhill while i was making a frontside: hopefully the guy did not touch be but used the nose of the board as launch pad: both his skiies hammered the nose, one 3cm away from the front binding, and left only two scars from the guys edge that scalped the topsheet over a 2cm length each time above the "sidewall" (cap construction). The violence of the shock was intense since the guy dragged me on 1 meter ( was almost stoped, board 70-80° burried on the edge..). I suffered pain in the back for 3 weeks, and the guy dislocated his shoulder ( i believe not heard anynews after) after a nice 15 meter long jump ( doing undesired spins and rolls in the meantime ).

The board had nothing but the two scars! I find the topsheet ( looks like strong ICP) very strong!


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I had a bit of a collision at ECES that left a 4 inch gash in the nose of my proton. Literally split in half where it hit the coiler's edge. There was no damage to the coiler, by the way.
both his skiies hammered the nose, one 3cm away from the front binding, and left only two scars from the guys edge that scalped the topsheet over a 2cm length each time above the "sidewall" (cap construction).

These two examples are a good reason why collisions are really not a good barometer for quality of construction. Too many variables. Either one of these scenarios could have easily happened with F2, Nidecker, Donek, Coiler, or any other high quality board mfg. My $0.02.

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