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please help! wax question


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where can I find some silicone wax aditive like holmenkol makes reliable used to have it but does not any more

or the old swix stuff was great as well

or a comparable alternative

I need somthing super slick for the spring

Zardoz is not the answer for me I just do not think it works as well and it does not last as long

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Guest Randy S.

Poor guy - they call him one ball Jay. Makes you wonder what happened to the other one. :eek:

One of my favorite summer waxes is One Ball Jay Summer Slush. Buy some if you can find it. Tactics boardshop has some. www.boardtactics.com

Lately I've been using Swix CH10. It is cheap ($20 for a big block) but it doesn't last too long. Spring conditions scrape wax off your board really fast. It seems to me that the One Ball Jay lasted longer, but who knows.

At this point in the season I think that there are two reasons for wax. One is to get you across the flat sections without getting stuck. The other is to protect your base from dirt and drying out. Corn snow is so coarse and really does a number on the base. A deep structure will also help keep you moving in sticky situations. I've also been using citrus cleaner and then hot scraping my base every few days to get the pine sap and diesel crap out of the base. A friend was saying that diesel exhaust from grooming machines is one of the chief ingredients in snow gunk. Kind of makes sense although I'd never really thought about it. For you on the east coast, you are also riding on lots of left over man-made snow which has crap in it from pipes/streams/etc. Luckily out here they stop making snow in December once nature covers things.

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I used OBJ Summer Slush wax for two spring /summer seasons at Mt Hood. There are a couple of things you should be aware of before using it.

1) it will leave black marks on your base, so if you don't have an all black base, be ready for that. My freeride board has had two stone grinds since last time I used that particular wax, and you can still see the black marks on the white areas of the Donek logo.

2) I've since found that my favorite budget wax,SVST Ultra Wax, works just as well in spring snow if I mix it as follows:

crayon the blue along the edges

then either crayon or drip yellow over the whole base and iron it in.

Just my desk jockey / early morning-and-weekend warrior $0.02

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I think that the graphite helps keep the static down but its not nearly as slick as the silicone I actually used to not scape it untill it got full of dirt this only really worked when it was super wet at say 45 F or above

at the moment I am using a fluro/molybdenum wax that is great in dirty wet snow but like I said the old holmenkol and swix are better for when it gets super warm/wet

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