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Softboots on Donek axis


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anyone tried it? does it all time etc..

I'd like some feedback cos am going to have softboot friends try my 177 and wonder how they will like it...

Would also want to try to carve on it with softboots ( gotta find a pair of good setup thu...)

Would one prefer clicker to flow system on it?



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Guest Pre School Rider

Yup,I got on CMC's Axis with Catek Freerides,and it rocked!I was running Curt's angles,which were cranked further forward than I use on my Hot Shine/Burton Torque combo.I think I run,with modified Palmer Lifts,something in the upper 40's/mid 30's,whereas CMC was using angles in the mid-50's front and rear.The canting on the CATEK made these angles comfy and still let me put the power down. I'd still want a third strap on those bindings,as my toeside turns were more work than I expected.I also had issues with the highbacks being behind my boot, Vs. having some to-the-side leverage that one takes for granted in hardboots.I had the highback rotation maxed out,still could've wished for powerwings.However,the board was fun,lively,and easy to lay over sweet turns with.I used Dee-Luxe GTI's on it,which were nicely stiff enough to get some good edge control out of.A Bonus was the Ollie-ing potential!! Holy Flying Cows,could this thing Launch of off little booters! There's definately something about having that extra flex of softies on a springy board that makes me Grin! Be careful about binding set-up,watch for the dreaded 'booting out' syndrome,and stay with a stiffer binding with a good toe-ramp. Obviously,the CATEK fits the bill nicely.I'd like to see if my Volkl V-Flex risers would fit on an Axis,but they might be too wide? If they fit,then there are a few other bindings that might be a whole bunch of fun to use.

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