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I was visiting my in-laws on the Oregon coast this past weekend and saw a place that claimed to be "the world's first sandboard park". (My wife, who grew up in town, laughed and said it would probably be the world's last sandboard park...)

Apparently the boards have formica bases?

They do have some choice dunes in the area (Florence, OR) and I've been meaning to take an old board out sometime and give it a go.

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man those were hardly dunes in that first link, when i said sandboarding on dunes, i meant huge dunes, with like, more verticle than my home mountain, which resembles a garbage dump more than it does a mountain anyway. GO MT.BRIGHTON lol piece of crap hill.

p.s. Aspen Extreme is a great flick

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I dont know if any one posted a sand boarding site.


the codec for the video is here



or the ultimate


In this first link it says what wax to use under the first set of pictures. They actually used 2 waxes. Read it, it tells you most of the knoweldge needed.


PrettyAmber cam

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If I ever manage to find sand dunes..(not that I ever expect to...I'm in freaking Alberta, Canada...we have no sand) I'd want to use my old "Kevlar Reinforced" Kemper board...it was sooooo horrible...but at least it had metal edges...my dad actually tried boarding a few times long ago on a board without metal edges...I think it's still in my garage...

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anyway the crazy stuff here is not the sandboarding,

just follow a few links inside power labs website: those guys are nuts! ( making a cannon that launches a golf ball at mach2+ speeds, making a CDrom turn 33 000 rpm on a dremel and let it explode etc...)

If you have boys in the 8-18 years old range that site is to be kept secret!!!

quote from his first cannon experiment:

"The entire device cost me some $100 (not counting the fuel) and 2 days of construction to build; a time during which while my parents were in Germany on a 2 day trip, as I knew they would not approve of it"....

Unfortunately, it was raining outside so I decided to test it indoors (OK, so I was not the smartest kid back than, but come on, I was only 14 years old!). I filled the combustion chamber with pure oxygen from a 900CC welding cylinder I got from the same hardware store, and injected the calculated (slightly over stoichiometric) amount of fuel into it using a syringe. I dropped a tennis ball into it, aimed it at my sister's door (a solid wood door, 50 meters across the living room from my room where I was standing) with a slight upwards angle, expecting it to bounce back and stop (never having experimented with fuel/oxygen mixtures before I had no idea of just how much power I was dealing with), and clicked the igniter.

A massive explosion ensued and I was knocked on my back with the recoil, which also left me slightly dizzy and with ringing ears from the muzzle blast. Still stunned by the sheer power of the shot (and amazed that the cannon was not blown to pieces on my hands), I looked at my sister's door only to see that there was light coming in through it. I remember being worried about it, but not so much as I was hoping to find the missing piece on the other side and somehow glue it back. On opening the door I was amazed to find out that the wooden door had a foot square (30x30cm) chunk blown off from it as the ball pushed material from the front out through the back at several hundred km/h. The entire room was covered with splinters and the door had cracks on it running from side to side! As you might imagine, explaining this to my parents wasn't very easy..."

kid is a world champ !! :) and his experiences a must read:



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Well Im 14, and actually I do have a combustion cannon, but I dont use Oxygen fuel to ignite mine, I use a flammable spray in which i spray it into the combustion chamber, then I screw the lid on and ignite a spark from a lantern igniter. Next thing you hear is a big BOOM! And whatever I was shootin is gone.

I havent used my cannon since I had a bad incident. The ignitor wasnt igniting and there was fammable material for about 5 or 6 shots remaining. I was getting mad so I took off the back end and looked into the cannon to make sure the ignitor was working properly. Of course the ignitor sent a spark and the flames came flying not out the front but towards me, luckily I was at a beach near my house and I threw my cannon in there.

Ohh yah my mom was sitting there watching the whole thing along with my step dad and step sis [she got a kick out of it :mad: ]

But that guy is crazy using Oxygen Fuel, Im in chemistry now, and I know that stuff will explode along with Hydrogen:D You can make the biggest explosion with that stuff (Sounds like a bomb). Ok I'm done!


The picture of my cannon wont show sorry...


Paxil lawyers

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This sounds like a badass version of a "potato gun" that my brothers and I used to build when we were kids. We'd use PVC tubes from the hardware store with a larger chamber at the bottom fitted with a screwed on opening. A barbeque lighter was fitted to the bottom chamber. A potato was then stuffed down the tube (or bread, garbage, doll heads, feces, whatever) and then we'd spray hairspray (my Mom's "aquanet" worked best) into the chamber, press the ignitor and BAM, a 1/4 to 1/2 mile out was your flaming ammunition.

Hairspray worked well enough for us, that kid is nuts for using what he did. O, sweet memories.

Damn the off season!

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Guest Jagger

Any of you older guys ever build the older version of a spud gun the revered " Polish Cannon" Same basic Idea but made of pop cans back when they made em out of steel. just cut the ends off tape em together exept the end can just poke a hole in that one add lighter fluid cram a tennis ball in the end and light with a match ooo weee some battles we used to have.

Oh speeddemon pyroil is ether quite combustible.

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