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Guest dog_sniff

Hey guys! Wow so this is bomberonline I hear about! I didn't realized how big this site is.

I am currently riding softboots on a volkl cross. I was told I can ride hard boots with this board. But isn't this board too wide for hard boots? My understanding was softboots was on a fat board and hard boots on a narrow stiff board.

I am little afraid of trying hard boots. Are they stiff and painfull like ski boots? Damn! I have too many questions!

I don't even know where to begin. It is a shame that the season is over. :(


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The hardboots are actually really comfortable. I have been riding softboots off and on for about 4-5 years and I got my first hardboots this season thinking the same, I was shocked they were really comfortable. I got the Raichle 413 at $125 here at bomber I thought they would be a good beginner boot and I hear they are. As for my bindings Im not liking them I have been having troubles, but dont have the time right now to fix them, I still have school and all. Maybe Summer time I will fix them.

Bottomline, if the choice were up to me I would go to hardboots! :D :) :p


The Legend Condos Pattaya

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