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Canting TD1s with a washer...

Baka Dasai

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...is not a good idea.

I think it was Jack Michaud's idea - placing a washer between the base plate and the toe and heel blocks in order to adjust the cant. Warnings were given - "this is not recommended, you're on your own, etc."

Well damn, during a fairly mild crash yesterday the heel block pulled out from the base plate on my rear binding, taking all the thread from the holes in the base plate with it. The bolts had been cranked tight, and it was only a thin washer, but it still happened.

So if you're doing the washer trick, be warned.

(Not blaming you Jack - I read the warnings!)

(I've had a bad year for equipment - I've broken just about everything - boots, board, and now bindings. I even broke my No-Gomer wrist guards - the plastic buckled and bent!)

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Yes, it was Beckman's idea, which I posted here (with disclaimers). I actually used TD1's with nickels in a similar role as your washers, for years with no problem - and I didn't even use longer screws. I did tighten the heck out of 'em though.

Sorry to hear it! Glad I made the disclaimers!!


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