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USASA NM Series 1st SL and GS Race

Damion Terrell

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Hey Damion!

Was cool seeing you there Sunday. I didn't think you'd be there both days so I didn't bother to email. It would have been nice to take some turns in the AM while I was still on plates...

I'm pretty much a "fair weather" carver. Despite AF having the MOST GROOMING EVER SEEN I was eager to change to softies with the crowds. Not to mention my feet were screaming for whatever reason. I gotta get my boots fixed once and for all...

Best run of the day for me was Free Flight. I've never seen it groomed, ever. The lower part (below the lift) is brutal though. That catwalk really did me in. My thighs were burning and my legs turned into insta-jello. We rode back up and did the backside a couple times before heading to lunch (when you saw me). I normally switch to softies at lunchtime so it really just didn't work out (I really wanted to ride some HB's with somebody this season!!).

So you said you "saw" another HB'er when we talked....did you see me actually riding or just the trenches? :eplus2: Just curious as I'm always looking for feedback on my technique as I'm pretty much self taught. We really should both take a sick day sometime and head up to Santa Fe on a weekday and visit Mark J. I think he'd be able to help us both out with our technique and he might be able to swing us some lifts too....that is assuming if he doesn't get stuck in a class.

I felt like I made a couple leaps in my riding Saturday but still it's baby steps. Can't wait to get the new Coiler soon. I hope the coverage gets a little better up at AF or it won't even see the snow there. I've put some serious marks on both my softboot and hardboot boards this season so far. Thankfully I treat both as "rock boards" so no biggie. I'm going to be quite anal with the $900 Coiler though...

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I've really been trying to ride my hard set up as often as possible and all day. I've been trying to stay up at AF for both days on the weekend. Sometimes I stay out a little late on Saturday, especially if I did well after a comp. And so getting out Sunday morning is a little slow going sometimes.

Not sure who Mark J is. But would be fun to catch up with him.

You should try to make the GS and SL races some year. George M is a good coach and will always offer words of advice. And the best place to catch him is always on race day.

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