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WTF?!? Shill bidding?


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Those don't even look like the RACE model. Seems to have some sort of quick change binding angles.

Yep, they're "interchangers", only really useful if you are changing the angles all the time. They have, IIRC, the same bails as the low-end snowpros (4.5 or 5mm, I forget) as opposed to the ones on the race model. As stock, they are ****e, expect to mangle the bails the instant you start pushing at all hard. I had a set of the "twin" bindings on my Hot for a morning before returning them to the vendor in a completely "destroy" state and asking for a refund, and then fitting my old set of race bindings.

It'd only be worth buying them (even at a reasonable price) if you had a set of race toe and heel blocks to mount on them, could deal with the extra failure point brought in by the adjustment mechanism, and wanted to change your angles every 2 minutes.

i.e. not at all, and certainly not at that price.

Going rate for a set of used snowpro race bindings over here in yurp is about 40-50 euros including shipping, and brand spanking new, with warranty, from a real shop, they go for between 120 and 199 euros.

The snowpro race bindings are a bloody good cheap binding. The snowpro cheap bindings are a bloody awful cheap binding.

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