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Donek GS, Deeluxe Suzukas


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Hi All

The following gear is available. Feel free to email me at jhcolman@rogers.com.

- Donek GS - this is a 160 cm or so custom built Donek GS race board. We bought it from a very strong 14 year old rider on the USASA circuit. It is a more "lively" board than the Coiler (i.e. somewhat stiffer and more reactive). I would guess that this board is a 7 or so stiff, on the Coiler scale. My son was 12 when we acquired the board. He was then (I am guessing) around 105 lbs and maybe 4 foot 10 or 5 foot. This was his second carving board; he previously rode a Burton factory prime. This board also helped him advance, as it was much narrower and quicker (edge to edge) than the Burton. However, it was abit stiff during his first year of riding it. He grew further in his second year on the board (age 13, then weighing say 115 lbs and mearuing 5 foot 2. The board worked well for him that year. So I would say this would be a good board for a strong rider weighing 115 lbs or more and say 5 foot or more. The weight and riding strength are key, to flex the board. Donek sells it's stock boards today for $650 US; plus another $250 for "Olympic Construction". Their custom boards (which this was) sell for $1,100. Plus gst/pst and shipping. A great price at $250. Again, the base of this board is in very good condition, as are the edges. The top sheet has scratches and nicks. The board is dark red.

- A pair of Deluxe Suzukas, mondo 25.0 to 25.5. This is one of the best alpine snowboard boots around. The boot and the thermoflex liner are mondo 25.0 to 25.5. Mat rode this model, until he switched to Deluxe Indy's. Pony rides Suzukas. These boots have 2 seasons on them. They have a Thermoflex liner (that we paid a further $100 for) that has been heat fit 2x and can be heat fit about 5 more times. This gives you a very snug custom fit. These boots were perfect for my son over the past 2 years. Just the right balance of flex and stiffness. He is staying with the same brand and model, but a size up, as these are now too small for him. The boots sell new for around $500 at the store. FS used @ $250. To determine size, draw a pencil line around your foot. Draw a line parallel to the front toe and the rear heal. Draw carefully. Measure the distance between the front and rear lines. That will be your size. Also try the shell test. Place your foot in a Deeluxe boot shell, without the liner. You should be able to fit in 2 fingers, one of top of the other finger; ie about 2 cm of room, for the liner.

Solomon helmet - Speed Concept - Size 55-56 cm. Red. Probably sells for $75 to $100 new today. No cracks or dents. Some scratches. $35.

Catek World Cup Series 1P Bindings - For those trench diggers out there. These are solid bindings. Immediate transmition of boot movement to the edge. $50.

We"ll, that it for the basement sale. Got to make room for that new board that Bruce is building.

Email or post if you have any questions. jhcolman@rogers.com


Julian Colman




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