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F2's S-Flex system - Worthwhile for 15/16 yr. old racer starting FIS?


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Hi All:

We know about the Henkel plates, etc. Concept being that the bindings are isolated from the board, allowing better board flex and thereby better performance.

But these plates add substantial weight and significant additional height. So we understand that they are generally only suitable for somewhat heaver and/or aggressive racers. Not the best for women or teenagers.

However, we have learned of a system made by F2: the S-Flex system. It is apparently much lighter.

In any event, our attitude toward gear is that we buy what is suitable to ones experience and skill level.

So ... if this F2 system will be of substantial benefit (ie really help and not hinder), then we would consider it. Gear does evolve and if this is the next evolution, we'll consider it. But if its just another tech toy, or my son is really not ready for it, we'll pass.

Does anyone have any experience riding or racing this system? Is there anyone in the eastern Canada area (or might be going to the Quebec FIS race) that has a pair? We would like to see and test it.

Thanks all



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