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How much do you spend each season on gear?


So how much (in USD)?  

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  1. 1. So how much (in USD)?

    • None, I'm content with my gear
    • $1-$250, out with the old, in with the used
    • $251-$500, my boots smell funny
    • $501-$1000, I call Bruce annually
    • $1000+, Virus is your friend

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Just curious how much folks are spending on gear each season on average.

Too much. Squarely in the $1000 a year category without a single Virus, Tinkler, or Kessler. And that's after I subtract out what I *sell* each year. Geez, I'm pathetic. But I love snowboarding and that's where my pertsonal disposable income goes.

I wear my street clothes till they are threadbare and don't do any expensive summer sports to make up for it :D

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$650-700...maybe a little more...

I keep thinking I'll make it thru one season without buying something new...

last season...used Madd = $350

new TD2 = $289

new Boots = $350

oh...new skis & bindings & boots...$500ish

this year so far...New Coiler $700

another set of TD2s $289

wow - i guess I should change my vote...of course that doesn't count the stuff I sold...

Don't even get me started on how much my wife and son's skis are costing me...

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Wow, am I the only cheap bastard around here?

I picked up some performance sis for 45 bucks... That and the pass are the only things I got this year.

Do I count the nitro that I picked up at the end of last season and haven't had a chance to ride yet?

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This season was an exception to how I voted. Typically 250-500 so I can try something new and different. This season, was boots bindings and a board. Definitely a fluke year.

I prefer to spend the money on getting to the hill as opposed to how I will be on the hill

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I was just thinking that this year will be an exception since I need new boots. Then I thought about what I've spent the past few years. Lots. Throw in the kids, season passes, ski house, etc. and we're talking somewhere north of $10K/year (that's not gear, that's everything for the family, all-in).

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Wheres the, I am really happy hardbooter.com has demo gear I get to ride (It really is the only "payment " I get, besides the awsome accolades of happy riders,) So its pricless like the credit card adds :biggthump:biggthump


I spend more then a grand out of my pocket each year for just clothing and acc. to support the habit let alone hardgoods.

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If I add up everything like Sinecure did I'm spending a 4 figure number that starts with a crooked digit every year. My figure was for my own gear.

My wife gets a new board, boots and bindings boots years as well - she has a qucver too but it's 75% FR/FS gear. I wasn't including softgoods... I go through a pair of pants and jacket every other year, she does every year. New helmet every 3 years. We both go through multiple pairs of gloves every year.

Then my daughter gets a season ski lease, lessons, clothes, and lots of Hot Chocolates. Plus season passes for the family and we go elsewhere sometimnes too.

Gotta be the best 4-6K my family spends every year :biggthump

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I don't plan on spending any this year, but that's unusual. I got my Coiler last year, TD2's the year before, and my freestyle gear doesn't get ridden enough to be replaced very often. I also have the advantage of proforms for most stuff since I've been teaching for 15 years...so that helps a bit with the skiing and freestyle costs, not so much with the hardbooting.

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I love to experiment when I catch the bug for something.That means aquiring all kinds of stuff to experiment with first and then ponying up for the real deal when I think I know what I want.That's what I did with velodrome racing and had a blast.Now it's carving specific stuff after being in almost nothing but hardboots on freestyle boards since 89(with a few asyms,a couple of mistral 170 incas,an avalanche 180,a converted 200cm monoski and a squal sprinkled in for good measure, all pre 94).

So,starting with getting VERY BADLY BITTEN at OES 07 here goes;(careful with your assessment Bordy,my sister packs a mean haymaker and she and her video camera are coming with me to WATC :) 1.Bought nos 225's from hardbooter and intec heels from exoticboards to go there with since I was about out of spare parts; 260.00 2. Was too broke to go home with Mike's 182 Coiler am Slushbuster and spent the summer paying it off;425.00 (thanks again Mike)

3.Since had a good run on ebay selling off old bike inventory and track stuff and so bought some more stuff starting with a couple of lightly used but neglected nitro gtx's that needed some tlc(160,165) to use as rock boards.Sold the bindings off them,net cost for both boards 80.00. 4.Bought a new in the wrapper 185 oxygen proton (that I will rarely use here in North Idaho);326.00 shipped.5.f2 ti standards from hardbooter to put on the coiler,200.00 (later decided to stick w/ intecs and traded toe and heel bails)6.cateks on the way(I like overly complicated stuff..) bought here in the classifieds to put on the proton,200.00 7.UPZ boots also bought here that will back on here if they don't fit.142.00 shipped(they will be 142.00 + shipping if I put them back here)8.And last but not least, a sweet little 154 Nidecker Proto to throw myself around like a pinball on our tight trails with.165.00 shipped .Oh, and a couple pairs of new in the box snopro race to help my clients start out with.128.00 for both.

Now, before you all call me irresponsible for spending 1926.00 since OES 07(that would be stating the painfully obvious)keep in mind that I got that much for my four fastest track wheels on ebay.One obsession feeds the next! Now, where's that damn snow?!!!

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Mine varies year to year. I usually allow myself one significant gear purchase each year. Last year all I bought was a new pair of pants, so that was maybe $150. But this year I bought a new board and some new boot liners, totaling about $800. My boots and bindings are old, but I like them and will only replace them when they break.

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This is my first year on a hard boot set up and its costing just under $400. that plus a season pass is going to hurt the budget a bit, but since i started carving on a soft set up and a bx board this was bound to happen. I hope this isn't a yearly thing because i am still in school and for the next 2 months will be eating nothing but roman noodles and whatever my roomates leave in the fridge with no name on it. I can always try to keep my board alive for an extra season or 2 by running through glebs quiver a bit this year.

oh and i think this is the only site where i can say i am itching for some snow and not get sent to rehab.

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This made me add everything up and it came to $1453 but I did offset that by selling $936 worth of gear.

Last year I bought:

178 O-Sin

170 Safari - for the vintage races and retro day

Variplates for the Safari

163 Renn Tiger - broke it in a race :mad:

163 Donek FCII - to replace the Volkl

177 Coiler AM

Salomon Malamute softies and SPX55 bindings

TD2 second board kit

This year I plan to buy:

A new Donek! Tomorrow is bonus check day so I need to figure out which one I want and call Sean. :D

A couple sets of suspension kits.

Hopefully a trip to OES.

And who knows what else...

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In the last 10 yrs my wife average's 1 set of new gear over 4 disciplines per year. :1luvu: She instructs so that's part of the deal. In the last ten yrs I've bought 1 demo board and 1 ebay replacement for the 10 year old eldo that i took from her & used hard till an old rockshot killed it. :mad: This year I'm starting with a new osin 3800, scarpa terminator X boots, & later in the season if my wallet recovers, NTN binders work stinx or shuksan tele boards.:biggthump that changes my average:cool:

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Difficult to give an accurate answer...besides personal status, I guess it depends on how often you ride and also 'timing'. For 10 years I used the same old board/bindings (400 dol) and boots (bday gift) and since I had to change gear in 2004, I spent on average (total amount divided by 3 years) more than 500/year (3 boards, boots, helmet, bindings) but average amount over the last 12 years is less than 200 a year ( a bit more incl clothes, gloves, iron and wax).

Also, I spent more money over the last couple of years because I could...got more money now (31 years old) than when I was 18....not DINK but single, no kid...and for me it was an investment for the next 10 years :D

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