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Buying Stratos Pro risky ?

Surf Quebec

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I have to buy new boots, used to have AF600. There is a shop selling 2-3 years old (never used) Head Stratos Pro for almost half price. On Alpinecarving, Scott mentions people having some hassle getting warranty services.

Of course, at present time, the Head site is down.

Anybody knows if Head still makes alpine snowboard boots ?

Is the Head Stratos Pro a robust boot ?

I'll probably try the Track325 before making a decision and hope nobody finds the shop....


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I tried both on last week. 325 and Stratos pro. The Head boot felt light years ahead of the 325. I thought the Head liner was much more robust than the 325's thermofit. And I really wanted to like the 325's better - but the Head seemed to have a much more modern fit. The 325's felt a little dated for sure.

for what it's worth


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I'm an idiot!! Sorry Stephane. No offence intended.

I've seen Stefan. Steven, Stephan...

I will go to penalty box and feel shame.

Sorry dude.

That was good for a morning chuckle. Don't you watch hockey man? Stephane Richer, Stephane Mateau...those Quebecois are always giving their boys girl's names. Like Derf.

FYI, I was talking to the Head distributor for Canada at the Toronto Ski Show. They are very much still in the alpine biz. And what shop is selling these great boots at 1/2 price?

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Head boots are great. Do a search.

From what I can recall, the Head shell material has improved over the years. The oldest you'd find may have a transluscent shell (you can see through it), then come the orange ones, then the black ones (last year or the year before was first black ones).

Oh, and the Habs suck, as long as we're talking about hockey.

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Thanks for all replies.

I just called the main shop here, Sharks, they have received all the new Raichlee boots. Damn, it's too late to go and try tonight !

I'll try the track7000, 325 then the head Stratos again and decide.

Initially I was on Raichlee side since I want to use a BTS but since I've saw the posts showing the BTS on Head it makes things harder to decide.

Ernie, ya those boots have been there for a while ...

Are you still offering tuning if so it's when you have time.

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the head stratos pros were my first hard boots. I ran them really hard. Loved them dearly but one day I was inspecting them and both the front and back foot heels were half towrn off. The boots however had about 60 hard days on them, mind you. I consider myself lucky to have found them before riding any more. I would suggest getting boots with more meat around the heel if you are running standard bindings. If you ride intecs it is a nonissue.

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