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Hybrid boot DEELUXE Freezone Pro 07/08


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Hi Tompa,

I have tried this boot for a season and it works excellent as randonee boot if you use DIN bindings and cruise type skiing. And you can also use them for snowboarding. If you´re interrested in getting a pair I have them in stock in Stockholm.

Carve low!


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Tjenare Mats

Can you compare flex/stifnes to suzuka softer or harder, if harder hard as skiboot?

How about skiing with them, nearly good as skiboot made just for skiing?

I have tryed to use Burton reactor with skis and they where way too soft.


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I would guess that the flex pattern is probably not ideal for skiing as it looks much more like a snowboard boot design, and given that it may also be a bit different from a true snowboard boots flex as well. That being said, I'd be interested in trying it just so I don't have to lug another pair of boots out west every time I go. Would these things accept intec"s? I would guess not as the DIN heel would be a pain to put on and off every time.

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For beeing a skiboot it´s soft. I would say it´s similar to Suzuka. But then it´s not made for hardcore pistskiing. It´s moore of an randonee boot or as I said before a cruiserboot. Very comfy. For hiking it´s perfect with it´s low weight and walkmode. The leading swedish outdoor mag gave it a really good review when they did a rando- special.

They don´t take intecs.


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