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Racer are people too. Arn't they??


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I just don't understand why most people on the Board, think Riders with a racing background are so different then themselves. They where once recreational riders that decided to compete?? So they have all the same recreational back ground and then trained to be faster. How is that different? I would love to be politley educated. Cuz I don't get it?

Why would we want to seperate ourselves from other riders in Hardboots?

The best free riders I know all have a racing background of some sort. or at least some training.

Seem like saying since you race motocross you dont understand dirtbiking?


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Common Bordy, you are just superhuman. Admit it you are superman or spidey or someone from another planet acting like a human being.



Naw just grew up racing with guys like Derek, and Chuck.

But don't you find it interesting. You opinon comes from your knowledge of a bunch of us race hoodlums and you respect the skills needed to make it happen on a race course. Why doesn't the rest of the BOL comunnity.

I love the look on the guy face whos never ridden with a pro hardbooter.

Like the sport was just reborn in there eyes.

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Billy, I still :1luvu: you if that makes you feel better. Seems like people are edgy but that comes with the increase in numbers an unfamiliarity with some history and differing personalities (excluding the Mods, It's their world, I just post here). Not an excuse, just seems to be the trend. FWIW I like your perspective, I like riding with you (If I ever get to again), and I think you bring an unfiltered view that has value and is a benefit to many riders. And I think I still owe you a beer. Gawd I :1luvu: Billy Bordy!

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art, easy with the man crush. it's weird enough around here lately :rolleyes:

riding with faster , better carvers takes you right out of your carving comfort zone.When we go dirtbiking I hate riding with "A" riders cuz they always have to wait for the slower "C" riders and I don't want to kill myself trying to keep up going way too fast and hitting a tree.

I plan on riding with better carvers this season instead of being the pack leader in a slower crew.I wish Gilmour was still around to carve with, he's an amazing influence.

Don't think someone that has advanced skills is wagging the bigger member trying to school lesser advanced riders here. It's good advice we can all learn from.If you're serious about ripping arcs, just watch,listen and learn.

Bordy, if you can teach me how to be a better carver, I can teach you how to be a better speller. :lol:

Now.....who wants to go tear up the hill ? :eplus2:

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is the main phrase I caught out of this.How about an "education in politeness".I've experienced in bike racing and competitive snowboarding that racers often have a well earned rep for being impolite,inconsididerate,lacking empathy and or,at the very least,being full of themselves.I know,I've been there and didn't like what I saw in the proverbial mirror.Perhaps the racers (or those with a backround in it) on this forum could adapt slightly by being just a little more polite when it comes to offering up an opinion.From what I've read it often comes across as incredibly overbearing. My spinning clients get a kick out of the fact that I wear one of any number of full race kits when I run classes,(hey I'm proud of my racing backround,including my first of the kind yellow cab print custom d2 shoes)but without question,they know they can ask my advice about anything without getting some overbearing,self centered answer.My coaching clients know that what I say goes,but I think the best thing carried over when switching from instructor mode to coaching mode is a having a bit of empathy for the client and in the reverse it's knowing when to call bs,but doing so in a way that keeps them coming back for more.Among thick skinned friends pretty much anything goes but with potential clients or new enthusiasts,it's all about them.That said this is all too entertaining not to keep coming back.:)

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Luckily I don't think I have ever railed a pro on here.

But that being said; Treat others as you want to be treated.

Is that so hard? I don't care what your pedigree is (some may), if you are not a nice person, I will treat you accordingly.

I have a few pro friends in skiing and motorcycling (enduros), they are all different, some are really nice guys, others are only really nice to be around when they are by themselves (no one to puff up too).

Anyway, back to the show.......:D

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Steve's response above nails it for me. I suspect that some of the people that come off wrong online would be much more tolerable in person (like me!) but also there is, without question, a sense of entitlement that while earned due to dedication and accomplishment simply doesn't apply in the general population.

sent you an email, Bordy, directly related to this.

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Why would we want to seperate ourselves from other riders in Hardboots?

Because... you need "to be a little more polite. you are new here."

Because... you expect that "we should bow down"

Because... you have "no established credibility"

Because... you "may not understand proper online etiquette" (Is that French?)

Because... then "we'd have been more accepting"

But mostly because... you're nothing but a "reactional" carver!!!

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HEY, I know you know what's up!

I like your posts, they rub some people the wrong way but I appreciate your input.

Not just about me, In the past I have read post from competing athlete with great tips or thoughts on gear or technique. Only to then see it flamed or belittled.

Remember the days where we would talk about jumping, sliding rails, or riding backwards and some of the long time board members lost it and called a bunch of us out. So we shot video and educated them. Now when some one (any one) writes about riding switch there non of those "you are full of it I call bull**** post" which is great but those where the types of issues on the board before. And the sport grew.

Now after coming back to the board since its winter it really seems like there’s some sort of "Club" of summer members who just plan gang up on people? I have seen post in threads in the last few days that have no alpine content just insults. I think manufactures are the only respected people on the board who don't get shiit on for sharing. And they hardley ever post here. You guys love the carpenter but hate the architect.

I really want the sport to grow. It’s funny to see people jump on some one for "not conforming to the BOL standards"

When I want to sell a board to some one in the race world its simple

Yup its a Kessler GS stick.....? how much?...... 400 ok done. It’s that simple. Because both partys are educated about the prodect.

But finally there are athletes with all the same knowledge and ability that I try to share who participate on the board and they get hacked an insulted.

Just about every year we have a discussion about this. And it always ends up with BOL members claiming they are the manufactures bread and butter they are what matters who cares about the upper levels of the sport, Its just filled with elite a$$hole. But I fought long and hard on this board to prove ever one on the board should have a chance to be that elite A$$hole or at least ride the same gear.

And now there are recreational riders who ride like the pros from ten years ago did and a lot of the folks that made hardbooting what it is are around and want to particapate and they get knocked for spelling or how they list stuff or maybe they should have some one else type for them????? :( .

I was that same guy on this board who knows how many years ago now. I fought my a$$ off to still be here and now I want to fight for my friends who could really bring progressive out look.

How cool would it be if some Olympian in the sport we love. (like philonroad) shared his thought with you why your at work peeking at BOL.

Or if the fasted up and comers told you why they love to ride.

We don't have any magazines, very few videos, and weak education and rental.

We only have a few web site and those of us on them.

You guys would be surprised how many time I have defended the BOL community at races just like I defend racers here.

They may be 2 aspects of the sport but its the same sport, and they are at different levels.. It just seem like so many people here still don't get that and think anyone who does is not wrong but a prick, dick, etc.

I had a guy tell me I could shove my website up my ass and wanted everyone on the board to know I think less of the BOL community then the racing community. Because thats we he thought???? One is way more educated in general but the should be thats there job. Lets let other share. what they know.

When Phil post "I thought everyone in the snowboard community was nice to each other" It did nothing but remind me of the culture shock I had when trying to understand the BOL community also.

I wrote a huge page about it several years ago. I think it was called hardboot brotherhood.

It really upset me then, the way I was treated by members of the board when everyone I had ever meet in the alpine scene was like my best friend from brand new racer to seasoned pros. Then everyone on Bomber was my mortal enemy.

Its not far to the sport that the true elitists are some the people on BOL and the little clicks that have formed its like watching the movie Mean girls.

I am going to try and find the brotherhood post.

You think my spelling is bad now should have scene it then. I had no idea what a sentence was.

Doesn’t it ever seem strange that it’s really only me that has a core race background on the board who participates regularly? ( there are some friends who lurk and some time share) If you know me personally you know I am the loud guy who is always causing trouble. But it sucks that I am the only upper level athlete that’s shares here and think its because I am load and cause trouble, I spent years defending and attacking on this board to gain any respect. Regardless of my ability and I hope no other rider with a race background has to, I just can't comprehend why it happens?

hardboot brotherhood........ :D :D :D

Just read Morgans post.

Total isn't it crazy that what some of the board memebers beleive.

Good thing we don't treat each other like that in person.

Imagain all the hardboot friends we would not have if that was true.

And thanks for all the love personally in this thread :1luvu::1luvu:

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Good thing we don't treat each other like that in person.

But... WE do treat each other like that and can get away with it 'cause we've pressed flesh!! OK, OK... by pressed flesh I mean shook hands.

And... in person you can see their facial expressions and understand if they're joking. I cracked up when Berube said "if you can t put you re head on the side you should try a new sport"! I could see his smile in my mind's eye... maybe you did too?

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Other than large differences in talent and experience, the biggest difference between pro racers and me is that the pro racers have mostly likely been riding this season and I have to wait at least two more weeks.

Every year, there's a lot of BS this time of year as people are jonesing badly to ride. Let me assure y'all that I am having a very difficult time concentrating on my job because I am REALLY jonesing to get out on the hill.

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Hey, Bordy, I always enjoy your perspective. Your writing skills aren't anywhere near your riding skills and that causes a disconnect between the actual quality and the perceived quality of your info, not to mention pissing folks off. I've learned to ignore how you say things and pay attention to what you're saying. Hang in there, please.

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Hey, Bordy, I always enjoy your perspective. Your writing skills aren't anywhere near your riding skills and that causes a disconnect between the actual quality and the perceived quality of your info, not to mention pissing folks off. I've learned to ignore how you say things and pay attention to what you're saying. Hang in there, please.

Wow, I couldn't have said that any better Neil. Yes Bordy, please hang in there, as I too value many of the things yo have to say.

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Really this thread is not about me particapating on the forum. I think I have been here since year one. I may come and go but I am here. What about others like me who try to come here and get chased off.

I really want to see change.

I know I piss people off I never mean to but I do. I am o-kay with it. I have been for years on this forum. It always the same thing You write something from your point of veiw and you are an elitetist or pro snob or some thing of the sort.

Thats sort of my point I choose to put up with some of the stuff here but feel poorly for others who get chased off an alpine snowboard forum when the are perhaps the most knowledgable people on it. And the people who chase them off have no right to.

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I cracked up when Berube said "if you can t put you re head on the side you should try a new sport"! I could see his smile in my mind's eye... maybe you did too?

I was on the floor, laughing. Of course I have been in several spots in the world with Phil and know what A funny and kind dude he is.

I get it Dave you know, Its never the people you have meet on the forum out snowboarding who treat you like crap on the forum. They know us and have a picture in there mind when they read what we write.

But I can never understand why some one reading a post that doesn't say hay go fawk off, seem to think it does.

Isn't that what you would write if thats what you ment??

Like my Catek post, it was clear how I felt.

But say recreatinal carver to people who are and you insulting them?

Do you think people on forums in general just assume everything is negative?

This is the only forum I particapate in that is as such. All others are different.

Maybe it is becuase I have been here so long?


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