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Why don't metal boards come with a hangl plate?


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Hi All,

So that is it..... With the manufactures knowing the issue with stress concentration on the metal boards. Why do they not supply them with a Hangl plate or something similar? The ski industry has been doing it for years. Then we could use whatever binding we want with out having to worry it. The Hangle patent was issued in 2000, maybe it's a royalty thing.

Anyone who would like to check it out, here it is.

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The Hangle plates are complex and shockingly heavy (or they were last year, anyway). I've lifted, but not ridden a board, with the system. I hear that they're good for race ruts, bad for all day riding. I think my leg would fall off in the first lift ride. For more info, search for Hangle weight.

Some riders use other plate systems - the new F2 thing, the Home Depot special, etc. over the traditional 4 hole pattern. My guess is that the systems haven't been standardized enough to accomodate for all styles and sizes of riders, so it's hard for a board maker to offer a "standard" solution. However, if you order a custom titanal race stick, I'm sure the maker can drill it for the plate system of your choice.

Looking forward to more options for lightweights.

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It looks like Catek is coming out with something to address the issue. Keep an eye out for their updated website. They're going to have some 5mm polycarbonate spacers they've been testing that are supposed to distribute the binding forces over a larger area.

Hi Bill, you all healed up? Ready to take another beating? :biggthump


Yep, me too :eplus2:

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