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Wanted: Kids Carving Board/Bindings.......


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Looking for some kids carving tools. It is for my 10 yr old son to be eventually passed to my younger daughter who does everything her older brother does.

I guess 135 or so on the board. If you have smaller it would work for my daughter now.

So, dig through the basement or garage and get a few bucks for the gear your kids grew out of.


D. :biggthump

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Hey: I started my son on a 150 Burton Alp last year, he was 9 and about 4'7" tall. It was over his head, but he picked it up quite quickly. There is one on ebay right now. The race plates go down to a mondo 21 boot.


I don't know if you have local ski swaps, they work too. My 8 year old wants in on the carving scene, I found a Nidecker 140cm board for $35.00, never used. Anything below 150 is almost impossible to find, I looked for two years, the Nidecker was a fluke. Good luck, and keep passing on the rush!!!!

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Hey Steve,

I actually got a 135 (brand new) last year for my son with some jr nideckers. Definitely lucky! I am just looking for gear while people are figuring out theirs is too small at this time of the year. I am pondering that 150 on ebay. I have a 154 burton R7 but it really looks too big for my son at this point. I figured that shorter would be better for learning but maybe longer has its advantages too.

Here's wishing for snow in Barrie NOW!

Darren :biggthump

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