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raichle sb 324


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Taken from www.alpinecarving.com

The Raichle AF600 and high-end SB series boots can be locked into one of 5 lean positions (1=most forward, 5=most upright), and there is no spring to control the stiffness. When unlocked, the boot flexes freely in walk mode. The problem with these boots is that the walk mode is too loose and doesn't provide enough leverage to perform a good heel side carve, but the locked-in mode is a bit too stiff, because the boot flex is controlled entirely by the boot plastic. Raichle boots do not come with instructions on how to use the 5 position lean adjuster, so here they are:

With the lever down and the dial pointing up, the boot is in walk mode. The lean is unlocked and the boot can freely flex between positions 1 and 5. It's not a good idea to carve in walk mode, since you will have no leverage on heel side.

With the lever down and the dial turned, the boot is in Powder Mode. The lean can flex only between the forward-most lean positions 1 and 3. Powder mode is meant for riding in powder or chop with moderate suspension. This mode is also good if you want the boot to provide less stiffness. You can further reduce the stiffness by replacing the tongue with a softer tongue. The Powder Mode option is not available with the 3-position lean adjusters that come with the low-end models.

With the lever up, the lean locks into the selected position. The dial must be pointing up to flip the lever up

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