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Internet Service Providers suggestions

C5 Golfer

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Anyone got any info on good and bad high speed internet providers. Quest has a package availble -- anyone use them?

Qwest does DSL here in Bend as well, but I don't know anyone that uses them. My employer maintains a branch office (well, really more of a hole in the wall) in Bend for me, and for whatever reason I recall them not wanting to use Qwest... which didn't upset me in the least since the local cable company gives me 3x as much bandwidth.

I haven't used DSL of any kind for 2.5 years now, but so far cable internet has been MUCH more reliable. I am getting 6 mbps downstream and 1.5 mbps upstream for $45 a month at home and that's *without* a package discount (we don't get cable TV, since we're not TV watchers). I dunno how thatcompares to other localities these days but it gives you some numbers to use for comparison shopping.

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if you use bittorrent be careful who you choose, a couple providers are activley blocking it.

I use BT allot so I'd be bent and I'd settle for DSL if my provider blocked the way I download allot of software (open source!)

I hate it when I get treated like a criminal for useing the bandwidth that I pay for, if they don't want us using that much don't advertise it as high bandwidth.

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