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I'm trying to thin the quiver to make room for some new arrivals.

I got this board from D.T.

He said it was too much board for him and had to give it up until he developes a little more skill... maybe it was a rider weight issue?

The board is in great condition and comes with the step-in bindings.


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He said it was too much board for him and had to give it up until he develops a little more skill... maybe it was a rider weight issue?

Duuuuude... you promised not to tell. :confused: You even pinky-swore. :confused:

Since TVR disabled the link to my profile, I'll tell you the story here: TVR is pissed that I threatened to "out" him at SES. His master plan was to parade around town in drag each evening in an attempt to make a little extra "cash", if you know what I mean. So watch out for a 6' tall, 200 lb, "woman" who will be on the prowl.

Now back to the underlying reason for TVR's anger... He has no cash to pick-up his new metal Virus. So I keep going into Bola's shop to keep her "company". The reason he has no money is that his contract has expired and the royalty checks have stopped coming. My sources say that TVR was the inspiration behind ABBA's song Dancing Queen and therefore received royalty checks from them. You see... this cross-dressing thing keeps coming back throughout the different stages for TVR's life.

TVR - I'm sad that you allowed you anger to displace that friendship that we shared. :( Watch out Bluebird and snowman, you may be next!

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How can I possibly make an informed choice w/o the SCR???

Now back to the board: this asymetric, rare piece of art is the most technologically advanced board ever made, period! I know Jack will argue with this statement, but sadly, Jack don't know Jack!

Does it have metal you ask, of coarse it does. It was made with an unique alloy called unobtainum. This alloy is the strongest, lightest, most durable material ever made. Why waist your money on a Virus when you could buy this? You can alter the flex pattern of the metal through osmosis. The metal core is protected by a wear resistant plastic sheath. Edges are made from steel hardened to 2139 Rockwell "C". This is significantly harder than tool steels (typ. ~60 HRC). The edges are so hard, in fact that, the industry had to alter the Rockwell "C" scale to go up so high.

Here are the detailed board specs:

Length: 285cm (makes the big Tinklers look like kids boards)

SCR: adjustable, it will morph to whatever you want

Waist width: see SCR

Taper: see waist width

The total weight of the board and bindings: 13 oz.

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Sounds like you need to get control of your emotions DT. There is no anger here... even though you dumped me for the pointy hat girl and now claim to have never cross dressed with me. I'll never forget all those nights with the shinny lights in the clubs where you drove me wild.

... AND

You got my specs wrong DT... I'm 5'11'' 210lbs.. you should know!

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