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old style intecs


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  • 5 weeks later...
Please help me find another pair of these bindings, nitro/fritzi/intecstill hoping for older intecs for xmas, will try to get a pic on here tonight.

Can I get a couple high res close ups?

Looks like parts from Drake, Fritchi, Intec etc.

Not sure I have ever seen those?

I may have some parts?

Thanks, Bryan

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GOOD NEWS :) : I have a NEW pair of that same binding that I've been hanging onto for years in hopes of finding some sz. 7 boots to throw the heel kit on, but have not found a pair of boots that weren't way overpriced. (Yes, the bindings include the original heel kit.)

The binders have been mounted on a board and pulled off, so there are screw marks on the discs, but they have NEVER SEEN SNOW.

BAD NEWS :( : Since I was holding onto them to use, I would have to be very motivated to sell them as I really was looking forward to eventually using them. Not trying to be difficult, just know that these babies are extremely hard to find. If someone can get some use out of them and is willing to make me change my mind about keeping them, I'll entertain the thought.

Make me an offer that will get my attention and I just may be coerced into parting with them.

Will dig them out and post pics if requested.

Wink wink, nudge nudge.... Say no more!


Charles in Colorado

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You are sooooooo gonna want to put a mafia contract out on me.

I came across a pair of boots I have been looking for that are perfect for these binders. So, the sale of these is kind of hanging in the balance, depending on if the boots work out or not.

Yeah,...I know....... I'm an indecisive old putz.

Will let you know either way.


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Was away from my computer for awhile. Y' know,...the family thing on my days off.

The X bones would do me no good as I was going to use the Intech heels that come with the Nitros. You do know that these are the older smaller pins? 8mm I believe.

I was going to bid on those Raichle 123s sz 7 on Ebay right now, but the guy I'm up against has deeper pockets than I do, so if you want the Nitros that badly,

($180 worth of bad.....) they're yours.

Email me directly and we'll hash out the details.

"thriftstoresnowboards at gmail dot com"




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Sounds like Win-Win to me!!

I would love to have a NOS set of bindings that I had never even seen before? (IE pretty rare)

On the other hand, my offer isn't going to hit 180$ Damn! Don't make me give Charles 200$ just to get good photos of these :eplus2::nono:

Take the $$$ Charles!

Boardski , sound offer on a rare NOS set.

Nice job of "Stepping up". Now "Get Er Done"

Sounds like everyone should be happy with this deal. Don't let it slip away now.

Merry Christmas.

Charles, Boardski, PLEASE set these against a solid white background and get me some high res photos of this set for the archives PLEASE>

Buttin out , Bryan

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The ONLY blemishes are the box has rotted with age and the binding screw marks on the discs, along with the original price tag sticker residue.

Again, these have only been mounted to one board but have NEVER SEEN SNOW!!!

Has all the original hardware but no mounting screws for the board. I don't have the right length to send with them. All I have is either too long or too short.



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Charles, Boardski, PLEASE set these against a solid white background and get me some high res photos of this set for the archives PLEASE>

Buttin out , Bryan


My camera won't get that tight on resolution, so I may have to pass that one off to Boardski.

You fellers can call me n' I'll get back to you when I can. I'm working tonight and all weekend. :mad:



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Thanks Charles, b0ardski's gonna have a happy christmas & your family should too:ices_ange

I did not realize the nitro pins are smaller, but they're welded to a steel plate in the heel so it's pretty bombproof. 10 yrs of hard use and the only wear is a little slop in the toe block & weak latch springs:1luvu:

Hey Bryan, I'll get you a couple of good hi-res pics & a close up of the latch when the new pair show up:)

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