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Boots that Buckle on the Inside


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Hey, does anyone know if any SB boots manufacturers have tried making boots that buckle toward the inside of the foot rather than the outside of the foot?

I was thinking about this just now and it strikes me that a buckling system like that would:

A: be more effective strapping your foot down from the outside holding your arch down and in rather than compressing your arch towards the outside of your foot down and out.

B: buckling your boots would be way easier.

I think our current design may simply be a senseless holdover from ski boot design where if the buckles were on the inside, then you'd run the risk of unbuckling your boots by bumping them together as you ski. This clearly would not be an issue for a snowboarder.

Anyone ever think about that?

And an ancillary benefit would be one more thing about our setups that poeple in the liftline would have the oppurtunity to ask us about "Do you have to wear your ski boots backwards when you're on a snowboard?"


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