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Average Board Age?


What is the average age of boards you ride the most.  

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  1. 1. What is the average age of boards you ride the most.

    • 1-2 yrs
    • 3-4 yrs
    • 5-6 yrs
    • 7-8 yrs
    • 9-10 yrs
    • 11+ yrs

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I honestly don't know... My first board was a 94, but never got ridden until 2 years later probably. And I rode that for a good 8-9 years. My xvas (most ridden last season) is at least a year old, but I don't know how old it was when I got it. The nitro I got at the end of last season, but I've only ridden it once. Got that one used too.

I did vote in this one though... Not much thought here... :)

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currently set up on an '07 Solomon Burner 172

But I still have my '95 Oxygen asym slalom 159 (goofy) and the only reason I don't ride it anymore is because I bought it when I was 15 years old and I've grown about 6 inches and gained about 80 pounds since then.

I rode that stick for 10 years though and it is still a ripper.

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I bought my Colier back in '02/'03, still riding it today as my everyday board.

I bought my first alpine board, a Burton Amp 153 back in 2000, and in 2000 it was 5 years old I believe, but I bought it new in the wrapper.

I've got a Factory Prime that I still ride too ('02/'03 maybe?).

I'm hoping to be getting something new from Bruce next year perhaps.

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Still have my super old Kemper Apex 164 (bought probably 15 years ago) but it is stored somewhere at my dad's place.

Santa Cruz qp 175 I bought 11 years ago. No camber left, cosmetic is trash... so it stays in.

Prior WCR 185 bought last season ! What a difference !!!!

Looking for a shorter one this season.

I must say I don't believe a brand new board makes a huge difference, so no need to have the latest boards in my quiver.

Old is cool :biggthump

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not sure I've had my RC 175 for just under 3 years but I bought it used from Bobby Buggs....age in years isn't really as important as days used in my opinion. In which case I've only put 30 days on my RC and another 15-20 on my Crazy Creek SL board.

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