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Metal Board bindings?


Whats your metal board binding, baby!!!  

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  1. 1. Whats your metal board binding, baby!!!

    • Metal Binding, none F2 only direct mount.
    • F2 or burton or head Binding, Direct mount.
    • Metal binding, with thicker dampning rings suspesion kit , ptex etc.
    • F2 bindings, with thicker dampning rings suspesion kit , ptex etc.

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I voted for the option that I was riding last year. I have a set of F2 bindings to try this year with some plate system.

I have had a couple of lift line chips on my Prior metal. I just file them down. I also find it is easy to put small dents in the deck during transportation, even in a bag. More boardbag padding is good for the metal boards.

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my prior chips and I think will probably blow up but my coiler is holding together better due to a topsheet

I ride lexan under bombers, cateks WITH D3 as well and phiokka machos

the last thing I want is a exploding board so even though Prior says the td2 suspension kit is fine I put it under lexan

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was using palmer risers

red 1"

silver (pls) 5/8th's "


Kessler risers

Cateck 0s2's reg front stepin rear

No issues


Wow, that's a drool-worthy quiver. Nice.

What's that plate pictured in the attachment? It looks like drywall with a rubber backing.

Kessler plate? Where? How much? Effects?

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My Prior Metal is fitted is ridden with TD2 + suspension kit which is how I voted. I asked Dean @ Prior point-blank if this was OK when ordering, he said "yes, and it won't void any warranties".

My Coiler Titanal boards have topsheets and I ride them with TD2's, no suspension kit. E-rings are "new" yellow (super soft) which is what I use on most of my decks. Again, I asked Bruce point-blank about binding choices and he was quite comfortable with what I am doing. He indicated that the topsheet should provide enough protection for the titanal underneath it.

While we're on the subject, I've been told by a few individuals that the "titanal and topsheet" construction would lead to a less satisfying ride than the "no topsheet" construction. I haven't gate trained on titanal yet, but for freecarving, I am not seeing that at all, the topsheet seems like a beneficial trade off so far. Bruce is building me a GS shape T + topsheet deck for this season which I will definitely run some gates on this season - but it will be NASTAR in all likelidood so not rutted out enough to really test.

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That tinkler make's me drool ; if I owned 1 it'd make me cream the jeans:p

Yes indeed, the man knows his hardware!!

Can't wait to try the full blown TNT for myself. I did some proto-typing R&D, but I have yet to get after it with a board built with the full TNT system construction. Soon I hope!!! That photo is one of the best quiver shots I have seen! Between it and some of the Pokis shots, they are enough to make most anyone green. Sweet functional art that rips.

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