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Asymmetric nidecker?


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Jack, I must admit even I am sometimes a closet Asym rider. I just get a kick out of all the stupid questions and comments in the lift line. Your board is warped, how did the corner break off, does that only turn in one direction, etc.

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I can't catch what you mean... Wtf?


Jack has a secret love for Asym boards. But its a deep, dark secret. Sort of like gay republican politicians - the more they deny it, the more we all know its true.

Oh, and when you combine sarcasm with a slight language barrier and put it in an internet forum, it can be hard to understand.

Do a search on jack and asym. You'll see his true feelings, along with lots of good-hearted ribbing from various BOL members.

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I used to have a Nidecker Extreme SL 161. Think I got it around 1994 but can't remember. Very easy board to ride. I have a photo somewhere. Blue & black deck. Red & black base.

I found a local selling ad about an OLD, alpine, asymmetric nidecker board.

Does anybody know which board it could be?

I can't remember asymmetric nidecker...

Thanks a lot,


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I also have a number of asym carvers, all goofy foot--and completely unsellable, it would seem. In fact, I'm thinking of going back to riding my Hot Logical, I liked riding it a lot, and since I don't carve as much as I used to...due to the tele bug hitting hard! In fact, I'm planning on new asym tele boards this year...

(Been tele-skiing longer longer than I've been snowboarding, started both in the mid 80s, but while boarding was more my primary interest throughout the 90s, since the new millennium tele is getting more interesting again)

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