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anyone else in Denver Doing local races?


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I try to hook anything that is near, mostly nastar, mdews and powderhorn will be most of what i get.

I am avoiding the bordercross as i seem to incure way to many injuries when others are on the course at the same time.

If you need to train against someone, i am game and up most every single weekend execpt during xmas.

asymons1@gmail.com if you want numbers.

we hit loveland and the 5 mountains, mostly loveland becuase we can get more runs in with less peps

I have heard of nightly beer leagues at keystone. wed i think, thou to far to travel for me with the lousy traffic that is colorado.

I find that vail has the gates and a lift near by, if you do mind full flags, otherwise its pay to play at copper for gates and coaching if you need it.

Adam aka the black bomber!

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Hey Biggerwrangler,

keep an eye on the CO bulletin, we usually have a good crew at Loveland out on plates if firm and long boards (tankers) if soft. We are out most weekends, usually both days. This weekend will be an exception with me out of town and Big Mario out with injury. Welcome to BOL and hope to see you at Lovey sometime.

Sorry for the thread jack DB, just wanted to let a newbie in on the Loveland scene. You are also welcome to join us any time, though I know you don't do weekends and have a Copper pass. Are you training with Copper or just doing your own thing for now? Remember to look as many gates ahead as you can.


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