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DHL and fed ex are the only way I send anything to and from Germany and France, the postal services blow in this respect where as DHL is the best and Fed Ex is not quite as good but a little cheaper usually.

I ship iphone and other high priced electronics to germany on a weekly basis and of maybe 70 boxes in the last year and a half only one mishap that was resolved in about two weeks.

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Just did four quotes online for a 173cm board to EU (Greece):

USPS: ~$75USD (but can't ship over 60" in length! Only to Canada and Hong Kong if longer than 60" and cannot exceed 108" girth?!?!)

UPS: ~$400USD

FedEx: ~$200USD

DHL: ~$190USD

All I can say is that's f'in crazy! No wonder Swoards, Virus', and such cost $1200+ USD!

FYI-Package was 70 x 4 x 27 (inches) but that was a old board box I had laying around. Should be ~ 70 x 1 x 15 or so if I "burrito method" it...USPS didn't even ask for dimensions...only weight. Only mention was it cannot exceed 108 inches in girth and 60" in length. UPS, FedEx, and DHL want both weight and length. FedEx said 70x4x27 was too big for them to ship so I had to adjust it to 70x1x27 just for it to give me a quote...

Now I get to email the guy that wanted my board the bad news and we both are going to miss out. What crapola!

So I guess DHL does win out for international shipping (besides to Canada and Hong Kong) but even then it's just insane. :mad::mad::mad:

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consider yourselves lucky.. shipping a board from europe to the US is in the 150-200 range ( am talking euros here grrrr). You have at least 50% cheaper shipping rates than what euros have...

There will be a time when the shipping will be more expensive than the board !


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