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What you missed at the MA DOMINATOR Wax Clinic


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What you missed. I can't speak for Whaleback as a bigger group in a more formal setting got together there. In Springfield it was very informal and one of those evenings 20 years later you recall with a smile!

What you missed:

--The list is too long, but here are a few of the highlights.

--Some really great detailed info about prepping your boards to go faster, by guys who have taught some of the best riders how to make their equipment beat the competition.

--The introduction of the MOMENTIUM Wax System. Looks like a really great addition to the DOMINATOR family. PLEASE NOTE: Tom will be sending me some additional info on this. If you would like to receive it, drop me a line at rtu_co@hotmail.com and I'll put you on the list.

--A Q&A time with Dr. Thanos Karydas founder and creator of DOMINATOR wax, and Tom Reinerth US Distributor, that has totally dispelled several myths I've come to believe to be "gospel truth" about preparing a board to race or carve. Super valuable stuff!

--After the clinic an hour or two (down in the lounge over some eats and drinks) of insider talk from two guys who traveled the world servicing some of the best skiers and boarders in the world--we're talking Olympic/WC Gold Medallists and top U.S. Ski and Snowboarders. Stuff you will not hear in a book or any magazine--beyond the wax you might say!

If you ever get an opportunity to attend one of their clinics, and hang with these guys after the clinic, do so. I promise a truly great time!

Keep an eye out for the new MOMENTIUM Wax System DOMINATOR will be launching soon--it looks like a product that can help everyone, but especially those of us who race.

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might actually be what saves your ass on one of those days **** yourself with the wrong wax. (I've done it!)

From what they described it fixes the problems with paste wax, I think they might be on to something and some time and other factors just don't allow a reapply of the right wax when you've dropped the ball. momentium might be the answer. I am going to have to give it shot sometime.

Thanos knows EVERYONE, we talked good old days of the US open prior to going to big money sponsors.

Next time this happens in your area just go, and BTW Thanos rides plates so support your fellow hardbooter.

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Thanks for the additional feedback. I totally agree.

From 7pm to like 12 midnight just a great time.

"Thanos knows EVERYONE, we talked good old days of the US open."

When Tom first asked for my help and I saw Dr. Thanos Karydas would take part I was expecting a dry but informative evening. How wrong I was. Great guy, with a great whole lot of history, and a whole lot of very cool stories from an insider's perspective.

You put it perfectly "Next time this happens in your area just go."

"Just go" I agree, but I bet they won't get the after clinic treatment we got!

Great hangin with you and thanks for supporting the event and carving!

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