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FS vint boards..


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FS: older boards...

...pretty cool for memories, or riding: how nice would it be to smoke a group of upstarts in any Sunday ASA SBX on one of these? I've done just that a couple times, now.

Banana (abt. same length/runningedge cm as the Kemper) great base/great clean top!= 75USD including UPS Ground (lower 48) ship...50 Mammoth Lakes p/u

Kemper 170 Aggressor Comp (factory inserts); great base and topsheet!= 50USD+25shipping...Mammoth Lakes p/u

Will deliver one or both to RNO Int'l Apt for flat rate of 25USD.

K2 Gyrator (original teal, white clean 80s-90s base: NOT the new, black 2007 retro graphic)...no gouges in base, small chip in topsheet at the sidewall. 60USD includes shipping. This board was drilled for 5hole bindings.

Will sell all 3 together for local Mammoth Lakes/RNO pickup for 125USD..

A shipping charge for all three may not work. Will consider the same offer in case you prepay UPS Ground through your own UPS shipping account.

Zip Code is 93546 in Mammoth Lakes.

(If you're starting up your own dated collection...this may help. The boards are in great useable shape...especially for the vintageclass Mt Baker Banked Slalom-type events). I've gotten rid of a couple MINT/vintage boards online, but these I'd for training on rare occasion. No gouges, railsliding or any of that nonsense. The bases are in good cond, w/Edges in great shape and inserts intact.

I have a box of old bindings as well from the era to work with any of these (rat traps, Burt, plate, Simms heelbacklogo-cover, etc.)...sorry, no pics. But in case you have a UPS account to absorb the cost of boards and bindings together, I'd rather use the bindings for occasional mods rather than an internet sale for "a pair here...or there."

PM any interest via BOL...and don't let the vintage fool you; if you trust, these boards can be quite fast in an sx-element if they need be!




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Apologies...we've been really busy..

I can say with certainty that the K2 was not made with longevity in mind..I can't imagine what the boys were thinking with the foam (preABS) solution to the sidewall..the early attempt at the CAP construction also was horribly lacking.

This one is ok for novelty--esp. with the throwback graphic on the new 2006 twintip gyrators--it's just not worth much in the way of impact that would create such litter in the other reply post.

The K2 was good for 5hitsnow (it certainly served it's purpose), but the base is not bad at all.

The Banana and Kemper were well-maintained despite that I knew jack-all about upkeep then... The Banana is NICE in regional deep and the nose is awesome for that floating-ride feel, but it's pretty good on the groomer as well.

The Kemper is just like a 70s buick; it's a tank! ...Yes because that is a bit much for riding anything aside of water and mud with its liberal sidecut. I couldn't tell the radius, but it is a boat..and the pondskim sounds like the perfect environment for this pig.

There is a sale pending, so I will update soon. I have a few more sorel-era boards that I'm getting rid of, so ..

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