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Used ONE day / back in 1992


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Ha! I have a pair of those--same colour and all (except for the liner). Used a bit more than one day, though now they just gather dust. Size 8, if I recall without going out to check--anyone want em? Cheap? They'd make good backcountry boots...

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If you're serious, I'd be glad to take them off of your hands.

I still use my Raichle's as backcountry boots, but I have been babying them for the past two seasons because I was afraid I'd bust the buckles and lean adjusters and have no replacement parts...

Hook a brother up,


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:lol: I just remembered I have a new pair of Nordica SBH under my bed. I put them there when we moved in right after SES '05 and a couple of months before I broke my femur. Now that I am cleared to ride again maybe I can find some bindings that will work with them. Anyone want to trade 3 pairs of Drake Jr bindings for adult bindings?



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