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donek freeride boards?


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depending on your footsize I'd suggest either a tanker or tanker wide in one of the smaller sizes

the Doneks are alright but I have a love for the tankers because they are versitile, the only things better about the doneks are they are a little grippier.

Madd makes a mean freeride board too!

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any one have one,rode one ?my softie set up is beat(burton bmc) and am looking for a replacement.i like to hit the park up but really need a solid carving ride -suggestions?
I've owned the Donek Incline 155 and the Donek Phoenix 155. Between the two the Phoenix is much more park friendly as it is not as stiff (bot longitudinally and torsionally), this also makes the Phoenix WAY better in the trees, where the Incline's narrow and stiffer profile make it positively a chore to manhandle through the trees. I've been told the Wide model is better in power, but probably not great. The Doneks like firm conditions... wet/soft conditions and their stiffness/liveliness (less dampening) make them a workout to ride, unless you are big, heavy guy.

The Tanker are very damp and can be ridden virtually anywhere... however they have very little pop out of the tail, which makes them more of a high speed cruiser than a quick, darty, dynamic slashing carver. The lack of pop also makes them not as fun in the park, although they are light and easy to land off of jumps.

Prior Snowboards are also damp, and have more pop in the tail. I would recommend these to most people (the MFR as I don't like the short SCR of the AMFs)

Madd Snowboards are very damp and have a ton of pop in the tail, I really like the TTs, they are my favorite board... I only put them below the Priors because they are smaller and the level of customer service inconsistent. Still in my opinion, it's what I would get.

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