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VERSUS Television Network Will Air Alpine Snowboarding PGS


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VERSUS Television Network will air the Alpine Snowboarding PGS VISA U.S. Snowboard Cup being held at Lake Placid.

This is a great opportunity for the sport to get some much needed national exposure.

VERSUS will air several SBX events and the PGS being held in Lake Placid, NY.

Be sure to set time aside or record for later viewing.

Sunday March 9, 2008 at 4 pm

To view the entire ski and snowboard events that will be on TV go to:


Also, I understand that this event is a way off, but for us try to use something like this to help build the sport, we need to begin doing something now.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Last year PGS was not included in the Lake Placid even. Clearly enough of us shared our concern and were able to get it added again. If you want to see the sport develop, don't take these opportunities lightly. Our sport, in a non-Olympic year will be televised nationally. Let's let folks know we are thankful. Don't leave it up to the next guy or gal.

For those of us who truly desire to see the sport develop, I encourage you to take a moment to let VERSUS know that you will be watching the broadcast specifically because they are airing the PGS and thank them for including it as a part of their broadcast. While you're doing that you make want to let them know that if they were to add coverage of the Race To The Cup Series and/or the Alpine Snowboarding National Championships, that you and fellow boarders would make it a point to watch.

Send your e-mails to:

Programming Inquiries or Viewer Feedback


For those of you who want to go the extra mile, take a minute to let the primary sponsor VISA know that you will be watching specifically because they are airing the PGS and thank them for their support of PGS and snowboarding in general. If you are a VISA card holder (in good standing), let them know you are a customer.

If enough of us take a few minutes to show our appreciation, it can go a long way in helping TV networks such as VERSUS and big time sponsors like VISA realize that there are actually "real" people who pay attention to this sport.

Also, if you think that your one e-mail or letter do not matter, do not view it from that perspective. Just as with Nielsen Ratings, your single effort is generally looked upon as representing lots more silent supporters. So your effort counts!

Sorry no e-mail for the next person. The primary person to contact at VISA is:

Visa U.S.A. Inc.

900 Metro Center Blvd.

Foster City, CA 94404

Attn: Doug Michelman, Global Head of Corporate Relations

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