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Deer season cut short due to bore sighting device

C5 Golfer

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total fake

That rifle failed in the manner that most modern, mass produced rifles are designed to fail. The metallurgical structure of the barrel is designed with "stringers" (impurities designed into the structure and worked into a desired orientation) that run the length to the length of the barrel. The stringers provide the path of least resistance, which the crack will propagate along, not the rifling. Barrels are supposed to banana peel, but that doesn't always mean they will. If a rifle old (i.e. pre-"stringer" design), or has severe corrosion inside the barrel, the failure mechanism could be different. The purpose of the peel is that it prevents the barrel fragmenting and shrapnel flying everywhere.

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I've seen a gun first hand that the barel was blocked and even though it was a shotgun the result was NOTHING like that

shotgun barrels are much thinner and react totally differently. they usually just bulge where the blockage was. be careful buying a used one you will sometimes find a bulged barrel.:nono:

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