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Any SLC locals can help a fellow Bomber?


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I'm currently in negotiations to buy a car from a dealer in Orem, UT. If it all goes OK I'll be flying in to SLC in a couple of weeks to drive it back to Calgary.

Any Bomber locals that would be willing to meet a fellow Bomber at the airport, and maybe lend me a couch for the night? I can bring alcohol of your choice as payment :-)

Damn shame it's a little early in the season to go riding, but what can you do - besides, I really want to get this car back to Canada before the Canadian government starts regulating ...

And if said Bomber member was anywhere around Orem and wanted to volunteer to check out and test drive said car for me, that would be totally awesome too. I'm having to rely on pics and service centre inspections at the moment.

Any help would be appreciated!

Pic of said car shoudl be attached - isn't it cute? :1luvu:


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Hey Allee, I'm in the Provo/Orem area and can totally go test drive a car for you! I could even possibly pick you up at the airport, depending on the day and time you come in. I'll have to see about setting you up with a couch or something to crash on, but I'll look into it for you. Looks like a nice car for a little high speed rallying up the canyon! just kidding, looks like a good car!

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Dave, that would be great if you had a place to stay. I'll drop you a line on PM tonight. I'm thinking the weekend of the 16/17 will be the earliest I can get the paperwork done and get up there.

Andy, if you could go and check this out in person for me, that would be awesome! I have to stump the non refundable deposit by the end of the week and it would make me feel much better to have someone who has seen it in person.

The dealer is Classy Car Buyers, address 986 N. State St, Orem. The guy I'm dealing with there is Ty Robbins, he'll be back in on Thu. Tell him Allison sent you. The car needs a front wheel alignment and 2 new tires at the moment, they'll be getting that done for me, but it might show up in a test drive.

If you could get out there that would rock! Thank you! And yes, it does look like a nice little car for some backroad fun (hee hee).

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I went and checked out the car last night but there wasn't anyone there so I couldn't test drive it. I'm going to try to go drive it this morning if there's someone there. It looks good all around, and looks like a great deal. My friend did a car history thing and it looks clean. I just wonder why a new 2007 with 14k miles needs an alignment. But for now I give it a :biggthump

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WOW, these bomber members really go out of the way for a fellow carver, I am touched that this is such a tight community that people would do that for one another!!

On a similar situation, I am looking to buy a Ferrari Enzo, it is located in Park City, the guy only wants 500,000.00. Andyor Tille could you drive up there and take it for a spin?? The guy wants a deposit to do that, just slap it on a credit card and I will square up with you when I get there.

Just kidding!! Allee, congrats on the new ride, looks like all time 4wd, you will be flying to the slopes.

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