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buck hill carvers cup?


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Good news!

Buck Hill is bringing back the Carving Cup!!

Tentatively scheduled for: Dec 14th, 2008.

We just need a Carver's Cup race with good conditions for a change. The previous two (snowing/uphill wind and ungroomed ice with deep frozen old race ruts to cross) did not realize the potential for this race. With just one shot a season (if we're lucky), odds arn't good.


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....to show you how it is done! :) Courses were choppy.....but a bad course is always better than no course. Those were pretty fun races - we look forward to seeing everyone there again. Winner gets a solo ride on the Magic Carpet!


Maybe, but the point I was making was that in order to sell this idea and hopefuly get some other dates, it needs to look good. So far I don't anyone has looked good at the two previous races.


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Who won this last year? How does the scoring work?

I think my racing days are over but this looks like fun. I might have to give it a shot on two planks as well...I looked at my skis and they screamed, "We are champions and we deserve some use!!"

Be prepared to be exhausted. I did both skis and board for the first Carving Cup. I think it involved 12 boot changes and by the end you end up running down to the lift with ski boots on and a snowboard in your hand, and nearly getting off the lift sideways with skis on. Fun though :)


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Race results are calculated with the following formula:

Time / points x 100 = Race Result

Ex: 22" 12 (time) / 42 (score) x 100 = 52,66 (result)

Athletes with the lowest results win a race.

Points are awarded at each turn, by the choice of colored bouy.

The red buoy (external) get 5 points,

the yellow buoy (in the middle) get 4 points,

the blue buoy (internal) get 3 point.

You are trying to get the fastest time, and the most points


Buck keeps very busy race schedule, and due to a conflict with

some other events, there wasn't a BHCC last year.

Winners are broken into age groups.

I think I won in 2005 - using the 'mostly red bouy' tactic and

Richie won the "Adult Boarder" age group in 2006 by bombing

the hill and choosing all blue bouys.

(Bring your calculators..)

BobD: HA! You put on quite a show that year - but looked absolutely exhaused at the awards.

So, are you going to be doubling up again this year?

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jolson: It should be noted that the photo posted was NOT taken at Buck hill...

It is from the carving cup / FIS site and was just the best demonstration of the

course layout that I could find.

(Knowing that... I hope you'll still come visit us.)

PICS and recap of the last BHCC can be found here

Will zap you an e-mail or update this thread as the event gets closer.

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