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Proper board length


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Rider: 6'1" - 135 lbs - 16 years old

Considering new SL board

Currently rides a Prior WCR 155

Size 11 boots probably demands a 19.5 waist

Looking at Donek or Prior

If riding a standard board from above, what length would you recommend?

How do we know if his current board is too short? What will he notice?

Thoughts on best SL board?

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Flex and sidecut is far more important than length. With current trends size 11 feet will require a wider board than a 19.5. Most people with that big of a foot (Klug, McDonald, ect.) race on boards 21 or wider. These boards require a little more muscle, but offer much more stability in ruts and chatter. Look for something at least 20cm wide.

My first vote for boards goes to Kessler. Look at results from the first world cups. Graham goes from Volkl SBX boards to Kesslers and he wins the small finals at both World Cups in Chile. Bozetto gets off F2's and wins the season opener PSL (he hasn't won a world cup in years). Adam Smith gets off Doneks and gets his first ever PGS world cup podium. 5 out of 6 PGS medals in the Torino Olympics PGS, I could go on for a while. The down side of these is that they are in really high demand right now for obvious reason so if you order one know and send Hans Jorg and email once a week you may see your board by the end of the season......maybe. My second recomendation is another board made by a Swiss guy Oxcess. These boards use a ton of carbon, and have a very unique look. I haven't ridden one yet, but they seem to do a good job and can keep up on the world cup. Third would be SG, these boards seem to do a good job in the ruts, but all the riders I know that have ridden them side by side with the Kesslers, stick with the Kesslers. Fourth would be Coiler, Bruce has put a ton of effort into making a product competitive on the world stage and it shows in his latest offerings. Fifth would be go for a stock F2 158, F2 makes the best off the shelf race boards period. Sixth would be Prior, Chris is actually making a really good race board, but there has been duribility issuses with almost everyone I've seen (and he hasn't been the best to deal with for these issues either) If he gets these issues straightened out then he would have a very legit product. Next I'd have to go to Donek, he's a super smart builder (maybe too smart for his own good sometimes), he seems to be making another attempt with working with titinal which I'm extremely glad to see. I saw some really good titinal boards of his three or so years ago, then he stoped in favor of pushing his Olympic construction, then recently I saw a newer titinal Donek with a couple design feature which seemed to address the problems he was having the first time around so I hope it keeps moving forward.

Hope you were able to get any info out of my run ons...........

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Great to hear from you. That's too bad about Steeplechase, but at least the MSP metro has a new coach now. Yes, hopefully we will see you out at Buck or possibly Hyland. Keep in mind that we are often heading to Copper and can sometimes take an extra person to train with Sean.

Will you be working with the D-Team at Buck? We're always looking for gate time.....maybe Patrick could sit in with your riders when/if they train gates?

Hope that all is well.


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Yup, I will be with the D-team. My hope/plan is gates every saturday, but it will be the carving cup format. I don't think it would be a problem if patrick jumped in. Copper sounds fun, let me know if you have room. I am pretty busy but might be able to swing a trip if I had enough notice. It has been an interesting past eight months. Email me through bomber and I'll fill you in.


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